Monday, December 15, 2008

Good to be back...

So I’ve been having trouble with my internet provider lately.

I have two email addresses through them, and I have them feed into my Mac Mail program, but lately one of them hasn’t been letting me log in, and I talked to them about it on Friday - but this morning I wasn’t able to access either of them, and going online didn’t help either.

So I called them as soon as I got home from work, about 6:30, thinking we’d be about a half an hour. What I ended up with was a very sore ear, and I missed most of Big Bang Theory, but in the end I got my emails both back up and running, a permanent monthly $5 reduction on my bill, a doubling of my access speed and a promise of a new modem! Turns out it was worth it.

Anyway, this weekend the boy and I went to two parties, and we had a great time at both. The traffic coming home from the first one was terrible - I’ve never seen someone try to back up in the middle of a traffic jam on the highway in front of a cop before!

I still want to switch providers, but everyone’s the same. Bah. Grumble.

I shouldn’t complain though. I’m online again, yay!

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