Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 facts about me, weird and otherwise.

Okay, finally giving in to this Facebook meme...

  1. Doctor Who fan. Yes, of course, you all know that already. Freak.
  2. Medical oddity #1: I was born with one of my feet on the wrong way. They had to put it in a cast, my brother tells me I used to bang it on the bars of my crib. Much like a prisoner with a tin cup, I imagine.
  3. I was once told by a career counsellor I’d be an ideal biochemical engineer.
  4. I read while I walk. Yep. Don’t worry, I always pay attention when I’m crossing the street. I also knit/crochet while I walk, if it’s a simple enough pattern.
  5. Medical oddity #2: I have had six concussions. Yes, six. No, I wasn’t beaten as a child, I was just somewhat clumsy and accident prone. I’d like to be able to blame my bad memory and bizarre behaviour on them, but really that’s just me.
  6. I have a large number of miniature perfumes, but I’ve stopped collecting as I really have no place to display them *grin*
  7. I have paid my money directly to the Reverend Ivan Stang, and come X-Day there will be a pleasure saucer with my name on it.
  8. I have a robot who vacuums my living room, when the floor is clear enough.
  9. Medical oddity #3: I got my first cavity at 38. Shocking that it took that long, when you consider that I took terrible care of my teeth while growing up. That was depressing - I mean, when you get cavities at this age, you have no one to blame but yourself. Gah.
  10. I prefer Coke to Pepsi, but Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke. But I like cheap old PC Cola better than both.
  11. I no longer go to bars for New Year’s Eve, as the last time I did I was kicked out for falling asleep, and I took that as a sign.
  12. I have three copies of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman - one hard cover that doesn’t leave the house, and two paperbacks to lend out. Used to be three paperbacks, but one got mangled while on loan. That person lost their library privileges.
  13. Medical oddity #4: Cholinergic urticaria. Know what that is? Look it up. That’s me. I’m almost never without antihistamines and usually have a fan because of this. In fact I broke out again this evening.
  14. Favourite black tea: Earl Grey. Favourite herbal tea: Aveda’s calming tea. New favourite food: Xmas leftover pie. Favourite spinach & artichoke dip: Kelsey’s.
  15. Snorkeling makes me incredibly happy. Photography also makes me very happy. Having a custom dive case for my digital camera makes me ecstatic!
  16. Medical oddity #5: I have stretchmarks on my knees. How did that happen? I grew FAST.
  17. I performed in two musicals while at University. Cast of 85, one big changeroom. We all got to know each other very well very quickly.
  18. I changed my major twice in the two years I was at University - I went from Classical Studies to Anthropology and then to Fine Arts before finally moving on.
  19. I lived in Vancouver for four months in 1992. I discovered I don’t like being that far from my family.
  20. I could watch Galaxyquest every month for the rest of my life. Seriously.
  21. I read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass before starting Kindergarten. And I understood them as well as any person can.
  22. I think the Doors are terribly overrated. I mean really, they’re okay, but they’re no big deal.
  23. Medical oddity #6: While I have quite high longitudinal arches on my feet (but the left is higher than the right, very high in fact, the medial cuneiform - is that right? - sticks way up), my transverse arches (or metatarsals) are flat - so I have both good arches and flat feet.
  24. I once had a fishtank that was only 5" cubed, within which lived four fish (Big Ralph the Laundromat King, Evil Edna, Carwash and The Moog), a snail (Il Duce) and a plant (nameless, I’m afraid). They lived in harmony for a relatively long time - in fact, The Moog and Il Duce lasted for two years, before dying within a week of each other, like an old married couple.
  25. Old crumbly buildings make me excited. Tintern Abbey was almost more than I could take.

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