Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Facing facts:

Aquarian TarotVertigo DeckShakespearean TarotI’ve been really terrible about posting – I have a lot of stuff in draft purgatory, and I don’t know whether I want to rescue it or not. Maybe I want to just let to let it lie there, maybe come back to it next year to see a nice surprise – like finding a $20 bill in your winter coat pocket in November.

So quick recap: late birthday Japanese lunch, new slow cooker, CDs, DVDs, survived layoffs, new flights for my darts, extra Tavern, new interesting drink (blueberry vodka, mineral water & 7-up, strange but yummy), checked in on hopalong (my Mum, who’s allowed to walk again, yay!), following up on a long list of ailments, visitation for Nona Maria, Gallifrey One: 20 to Life (pix can be found on my Flickr page – weather was crap, weekend was great), and now a new obsession…

Tarot cards.

Morgan-Greer DeckTarot Nova - MiniTarot NovaYep, slightly obsessed. More in the beauty of them than in any possible divination, although I am more open to there being something there after my birthday weekend craziness (see my previous post). I already had a deck from more than a decade ago, got it for maybe $8 at one of those book stores that sell the overstock from all the other stores, and I would take it out and look through the cards every once in a while and then put it away again, but in the past month I’ve bought the reprinted Vertigo deck (had to really), the Aquarian deck ($14 at the North Market), Tarot Nova and mini Tarot Nova ($10 and $7 respectively, from that rack with the boxes and mini books at WBB) and the Morgan-Greer deck (full price at The Occult Shop, so so gorgeous and worth it). I’m on a rampage! 

The Fantod PackThe Answer DeckAnd it’s not Tarot, but I picked up The Answer Deck ($12 at the aforementioned WBB rack) just ’cos I like the stylized b&w imagery, and I’m waiting for the reprinted Fantod Pack to show up (should be about $15) – but I swear, then I’m stopping until I see one that makes my jaw drop.

So in other news, the Wine & Cheese show is coming up, I’m going with J* - we've booked a hotel room too so it’ll be a great night – we haven’t been for a couple of years!

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