Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend hijinks in Niagara

So my Dad’s turning 70 this week! I can’t come home on his birthday, so I took last Friday off and had a long weekend instead. So this week was pretty busy – see, I wanted to finish that scrapbook I was working on (I’d decided to give it to him) so every free moment was spent doing that. And I finished it! And it looks pretty awesome, I must say. He and Mum are both really happy with it.

Oh yeah, so with me taking Friday off, I thought maybe I’d take the Fallsview Casino shuttle into Niagara Falls and save a ton of money, and Dad could meet me there and we could lose money together. Thing is, they’ve caught on that people are using that shuttle to get to Niagara Falls instead of using the regular bus and not to use the casino at all, so they’ve instituted a no backpacks/no luggage/no baggage rule. But being a girl is good in this case, ’cos there are some pretty large purses out there! Of course, none of the purses in my collection were large enough to hold a 12" x 12" scrapbook, other presents and my clothes and actual walking around purse, so I sadly had to buy another one. *grin*

Anyway, I have a casino card, so the return ticket is something like $12.70 after taxes, and when you get there they give you a $10 voucher, so the trip is actually cheaper than taking the subway, go me! Dad met me there, we walked over to Casino Niagara (via a route we won’t be taking again I’m sure), spent money there, then walked back to Fallsview (via the much better route) and took the bizarre tram up the hill back to Fallsview, left some more money there (well, I did VERY well there) and that was that! Rest of the weekend was nice, Dad and I bowled (I alternately sucked and rocked, no surprise there), went to the flea market (I got LPs!) and went to see District 9 (awesome!), Mum made mustard pickles (to my Dad’s delight) and of course we all went to Tim Hortons a lot (it’s not a trip to Welland without that).

Oh, and I had my Dad drive me all over the place looking for a certain set of darts. See, at dart night last week one of the guys we played against had these teeny little darts, and they were so cool I had to try them – and I decided I had to have them! So we went all over looking for them, with no luck. After work tonight, though, I went up to F.G. Bradley’s, and guess what they just got in... yep, I got my Cyclones! They’re so awesome, can’t wait to try them tomorrow night!

Oh yeah, so GO Transit has got a train going to Niagara Falls on the weekends now, so I took that back from St Catharines yesterday – nice ride at half the price of a VIA trip!

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