Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So my life is suddenly quite hectic.

This week I have limited access to my own bathroom, while the office tears out my old tub and bathroom flooring and replaces them (the water damage caused by tubliners must be seen to be believed, don’t be sucked in by the hype folks!). For me, showers are for getting clean and baths are for relaxing – and then you have a shower after to be clean. It’s killing me to be stuck with only baths for the whole week. But at least I don’t have the worry in the back of my head that the floor is going to finally collapse. Anyway, as a result my home is an even worse disaster area than usual, tarps down and plaster dust in everything. Can’t wait until this is done.

Tuesday night Darts is back on for the season, and I’m doing rather well with my new Cyclones. Not fabulously of course, I mean I still suck, but in the past three weeks I’ve won three games, one of them my singles 401, so there’s improvement there! We’re in a new home pub, Maverick’s, and they treat us well and serve good food. Big change there! We have a new member too, he’s pretty cool.

I’ve also got two standing Dr Who dates every week – one with S who comes over for Series 2 (finally managed to convince her on Tennant) and one with T who comes over for Series 3 (which he’s loving too).

So this leaves me two weekdays to accomplish things. But wait, they’re not really all that accomplish-y, ’cos things keep coming up. Such as Thanksgiving. Well, that’s really not a bad thing, I love going to my parents’ place and just hanging out with them, but that kept me out of the city until the following Tuesday.

(That trip home for Thanksgiving was on the GO Train. Love the option. Unfortunately, they’re not calling it a commuter train but an ‘excursion’ train, so it’s only seasonal and it’s done for the season now, and only ran on the weekends when it was in season anyway. Why? There are a lot of people who live in the Niagara region who come to Toronto to work every day. I’d love to have the GO option. Well, there is a GO bus, but its stop in St Catharines is not at the bus station – it’s at the side of a mall. Don’t like that. Oh, and I met a lovely young man on the Greyhound on the way back who was in from New York for Toronto Fashion Week, I hope he had a good time!)

Another distraction was the Creativ Festival, which I had to go to after work on the Friday in order to see at all. Didn’t buy much, a few doily books (yes, I’m going to try doilies now), a kit for my purse, just little stuff. But glad I went anyway. The weather’s been crappy, but the next day was gorgeous, so my friend Ss and I met at F’Coffee (highly recommended) and then went up to the Rosedale Valley to take some pix of the leaves changing. Nice shots. All still on my camera of course. Someday I’ll get ’em loaded up. Then the Boy and I drove up to Staynor the next day to visit with friends, long drive but we wouldn’t see them otherwise. And I started a doily while I was there, which I’m now almost done.

So then I thought I’d have some more free time, you know, besides Darts and the two Dr Who nights. Not so.

We had a special Tavern around a visit from Restoration Team member Steve Roberts, who I was delighted to find remembered me from Gally! He talked about the new releases coming out and the process they go through when bringing these sad old copies of Dr Who back up to snuff. It’s magic, by the way. Chroma Dot Recovery is my new favourite thing. Steve is a lovely person, as is his good lady wife Sue (it’s Sue, right? I suck...). And Taza, who finally came out too. *grin*

Also had a three-day loss of internet access last week. The technician finally traced the problem to a cut phone line – apparently my downstairs neighbour had phone problems, and the technician (a different guy, I should point out) decided that cutting the other good line (i.e., mine) and attaching the neighbour’s phone to it would be a good idea. Idiot.

This past weekend was my anniversary with the Boy, so we had homemade mac & cheese – which rocked, just saying. Also listened to a lot of Queen and the new Flight of the Conchords. Oh, and I went to Jersey Boys with TFTL, which totally rocked as well. Everyone should go.

Best news this month: I’m going to DesignThinkers09! RGD puts it on every year, and I’m always invited but never get to go. This time I’ll be there! Two days of seminars and roundtables on graphic design and marketing and suchlike. Very excited…


  1. What was DesignThinkers like? Was it funsies?

  2. Hey - it was really cool but exhausting! Great talks. Some of it really didn't have any relevance to my position, but some of it really did, and it was all inspiring.