Sunday, June 06, 2010

Random ramblings

Okay, so I know I’m lazy. I’m still digging out from under all the moving boxes, but I’m making slow progress every day so I’m not overly disappointed in myself.

Today I’m lounging. I washed more cupboards and put more stuff away lastnight, and put up curtains (and when I say curtains, I mean fabric I’ve clipped to curtain rods – which actually looks pretty good so I feel no need to rush into hemming them or anything), which look really nice, brown sheers with brown and dove-grey circles. I got a new A/C unit a couple of weekends ago (along with some anti-heat window coverings which haven’t gone up yet ’cos it’s gonna be a two-person job and T said he’d help me) and it’s really helped with the sauna-like aspects of this place. Plus it’s very sci-fi looking, did you expect any different from me?

My first issue of Enlightenment has been printed and the mailing committee got it out, it’s so cool to see something you’ve worked on in its final form. Basically a month late, but for so many reasons I won’t list them here, most of which were out of my control. Anyway, on to the next issue – should take way less time!

I got my first pedicure in over a year, my feet are gorgeous, there I’ve said it. Oh, and I bought new sandals, and they’re the coolest ever.

I’m getting used to my daily commute – it has basically doubled, I leave the house about 40 minutes earlier than before but I get to work early every time and that’s fine. So far I’m not having any trouble getting up in the morning, but I suspect that will change when the days get shorter in the autumn and the sun doesn’t help wake me up!

Okay, it’s a gorgeous day out and I’m contemplating going out to take advantage of it – I should move!

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