Saturday, June 12, 2010

What does it all mean?

I’ve just had my first dream set in my new place. And it was a weird one:

I’m alone in my place and I hear keys in the lock – I look out the peephole and some random strangers are trying to open the door. I yell to them that they have the wrong place and they go away. This happens a few more times with some other people.

I discover the A/C unit lying on its front on the floor in the living area and right it again. It starts dribbling water on the floor and I realize I accidentally put it on dehumidifier instead of cool so I have to wipe water off the floor with paper towels.

A technician comes in [played by Hal from work] with a new A/C unit and wheels it into the dining area and tells me there’s a problem with it – he starts it and it sounds fine at first but then the hum it starts to give off is super loud, so he gets out some tools to try to fix it.

the iguanaMeanwhile, some people come in and start walking around and inspecting the place, a couple of them were the first ones to try the keys in the lock earlier. I ask who they are but it turns out we’ve already met, they’re from the building board [the spokeswoman looks like a cross between my friends Alana and Liz and a new girl from Tavern]. Oh of course I say, we all sit around to talk and I’m immediately dazzled by sunlight coming in from the massive skylight above me, and I see on the ledge a pretty large iguana, which then plops down to the floor and behaves irritably, hissing.

OMG, I think, Diana [played offstage by my old roomie from 2nd year university] forgot to feed the lizard! I have obviously forgotten I share this place with Diana, and also at this point I’ve completely forgotten the lizard’s name, but call it Edgar, knowing that’s not the right name [that name belonged to a massive iguana owned by one of the 7yj’s friends], but at a loss as to what the name might be.

I rush into the bedroom, which apparently Diana and I share – which is pretty large and covered in jewel-toned silks and such – and start searching for not-Edgar’s food, and finally find two small glass jars on a shelf near the door, one with some kibble on the outside and a note indicating these are treats, and another slightly larger one with larger bits of kibble and some jewelry in it, with a similar note asking me to remember to feed the lizard while Diana’s gone. So crap, it’s my fault.

I put the jar on the floor and shake it up a bit, then start calling to the iguana, which is nowhere to be found. One of our friends [played by my old co-worker Vik] comes in and I ask if he’s seen the lizard and he says no, so I come back out of the bedroom to look… only to discover a mass of spiders quickly running across the floor towards me, like in that scene from Harry Potter when they’re all swarming across the floor towards the window in the school.

[On a side note, did you know daddy long legs’ are not actually spiders? They’re also called Harvestmen, and just look like spiders – they are arachnids though, ancient and more closely related to scorpions. They don’t bite people, aren’t poisonous and don’t make nests. Huh.]

Everyone has their feet up on their seats and I crunch through the spiders – deliberately squishing as many as I can in the process – to the kitchen, find the RAID and come back out, intending to spray them all. Then I slip on the water on the floor, accidentally spraying RAID into the faces of everyone, including myself. I yell to everyone to keep their eyes closed, stumble back into the kitchen and feel my way to the sink to try to wash it all off… and then I woke up.
Apparently, this is what happens when I stay up until 3am watching The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson and Say Yes To The Dress reruns. Also, I can’t help but feel that this dream is trying to tell me what the new place is to be called, but I can’t pick it out.

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