Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Been busy. Here, catch up.

Oops, sorry folks, got caught up doing stuff! What, you ask? Well sit down, this could take a while...

  • Had to replace my VCR/DVD recorder, done that – it’s supposed to take a USB input though, and I’m having trouble with that. It’s also somewhat confusing.
  • Saw Peter Murphy at Lee’s Palace. I’m not going to comment too much on that, mostly because I found him a bit, um, disappointing. I mean yes, I did get into the show in the end, and they were rough (still shaking out before the proper tour) but pretty good for all of that… but really, really, he’s getting old. Definitely too old to wear an exposed thong. *sigh* That said, yes, the new songs were cool and I’m looking forward to the new release. But I have that image in my head now, and unfortunately it’s gonna stay there. Gonna have to re-do The List now. Damn.
  • Bought new Tarot decks! Art Nouveau, Manara, Revelations, Dead and Pagan. I’ll write ’em up after I’ve had time to sit down with them (I’m overdue for a Tarot post anyway). But quickly, I’ll tell you that the art in those first three are just gorgeous.
  • Went out for after-work drinks with the Marketing gang, brief but very enjoyable, and we’re gonna do that more, yay! Also went for after-work dinner with the Marketing folk that have moved on, and that was really nice. Hot day though!
  • Got my arm twisted (wasn’t difficult) into seeing Scott Pilgrim. Thoroughly enjoyable, to me, but I can see how others might not enjoy it. Big screen love child of a comic and an arcade game. With Toronto!
  • Also saw Dinner For Schmucks. Not a cerebral movie at all, it must be said, but strangely more entertaining than I expected. The little mice, aaaw…
  • CNE-palooza, as per usual. This year’s big food deal was Deep Fried Butter Balls. Yep, butter, formed into balls, battered and deep-fried. And if I’d wanted to stand in line for an hour, I might have tried some. Thankfully, I had shopping to do – CDs, DVDs, a new bundle buggy, jewelry, super-cheap nail polish, and a new nail design kit that’s so adorable I may have to be all girly and do my nails every week. We’ll see if I keep that up – I’ll take photos and post them!
  • Went to a lovely triple-purse-day party with the Browns, I love that family. Everyone’s completely squidgeable in that family!
  • Also went to another party out of town this past weekend, the traditional Kitchener end-of-summer blast. Much fun had by all.

Any doubt as to why I haven’t been posting? So tired. And going to Welland this weekend on the GO train, yay!

(Oh, and if you were wondering, no I don’t have my iPhone yet. Grr.)

- rescued from Draft purgatory -

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