Sunday, December 26, 2010

Murray’s Observation

You know the corollary to Godwin’s Law, the one that says you’ve automatically lost your argument when you compare someone to Hitler?

Can we make another rule that the use of the term ‘fat cats’ when referring to businessmen or politicians automatically paints you as an out-of-touch arrogant hippie freak? Perhaps we could call it ‘Murray’s Observation.’

Unless of course one is referring to an actual cat, or dude, who happens to be fat, then that's just descriptive.

In other news, Christmas Sick strikes again. Think I'll blame Dad.

FYI, currently rocking an experimental manicure (at this point, they all are, aren’t they?) — Essie Lapis of Luxury as my base, with snowflake Konad designs first in blue and then overlapped in white. Not sure it works, what do you think? (The photo’s from four days ago, but it’s lasting pretty well so far.)

I feel like I should like Essie a bit more, but I find the formula somewhat inconsistent, sometimes too thick and sometimes too thin. I do seem to be getting better at avoiding getting it all over myself though, so that’s something...

Oh, btw, Merry Christmas!

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