Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five Rounds Rapid

Nicholas Courtney died yesterday. Apparently he'd been ill for some time, so it shouldn't have been a surprise; nevertheless, it was somewhat shocking news to wake up to this morning.

When I was very young, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (the role he was probably best known for) was like a member of the family, kind of an uncle - the kind who showed you how it was done, who didn't have hugs and presents but instead was a reassuring presence when you needed it. Who always seemed to be hiding a smile. Who would stop at nothing to protect his charges - the people of Earth in this case, or at least his corner of it. Sure, The Doctor was flashy and had a time machine, but The Brigadier was more relatable, a regular man, doing the best he could.

From all accounts, Courtney seems to have been much like The Brigadier, an honest and true friend to those close to him, and I think we're all a little lucky to have had him here with us for a while. Farewell, Brig, RIP.


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