Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I haz a keyboard!

I love my implements, I really really do. My iPad (which I have yet to name, btw) is a constant joy. Much as I love it though, the keypad isn't sufficient for long amounts of typing - because it's on-screen, there's no tactile response, so you have to be looking at it as you type, no touch-typing (oh, you can touch-type on the screen? Bite me, you're either lying or really have too much time on your hands).

Enter the bluetooth keyboard!

I just got Hip Street's keyboard and case, and I'm happy. I'm typing this on it right now, actually! The response is good, and unlike some other keyboards of this type there is a shift button on both sides! Down side: the keyboard is small, so it's taking some getting used to; the space button is smaller than I would like, so my thumb is constantly hitting too far to the right, although I think I'm starting to compensate for that already; and perhaps most irritating is that, due to the reduced size and the inclusion of the pg dn / pg up keys, the apostrophe and quotation marks have been moved DOWN a row to below the period, along with the square bracket keys, grr!

The case it comes with is nice too, if a bit thick (necessary evil though), and they keyboard magnetizes into place. The iPad shifts downwards in its housing when used this way though, I may have to mcguyver something to keep it from sliding...

Anyway, just wanted to share.

Also, this weekend I rescued a few more posts from Draft purgatory and updated my Flickr pages a wee bit (still VERY behind, but it's a start!) so staying in wasn't a waste at all.

Not going to talk about the Oscars just now....

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