Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friggin' Bus.

If you put your feedback address on your site, I WILL send it to you...

Bad planning, Coach Canada.

This is the email I just sent to their feedback address:

I'm standing in a queue in St Catharines, along with roughly 30 or more other disgruntled customers (at least another 10 have walked away). The 6:15 bus to Toronto came in from Niagara Falls full, and we're now told an extra bus won't be here until 7:30.

I've been taking this bus for over 15 years, and there's always at least 15 people waiting to board, no matter what time I'm travelling. How is it possible that we have to wait 75 minutes for another bus? 30 minutes I might understand, but 75?

Why did the driver, when he realized his bus was full leaving Niagara Falls, not call St Catharines and arrange for another bus then? Especially on a holiday weekend, when ridership is bound to increase substantially?

This may be the last time I travel Coach Canada. And I'm going to share this experience.
BTW, I'm still standing on the pavement, waiting for that bus.

UPDATE: That bus did eventually arrive, after two more mostly empty buses pulled in going in the opposite direction. It was about 7:40 when they started boarding us, and 8pm before we left St Catharines. It's as if they called a bus FROM TORONTO to pick us up in St Catharines and then go back to Toronto. Oh, and there were people on the bus when it showed up. What?!?

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