Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adventures on the TTC

Today has been interesting to say the least.

Thought I’d take today to go find Nina Nail Supplies on Dufferin – the Boy took me out to Jessica Cosmetic Nail and Beauty Supplies yesterday, which was huge and I found exactly what I was looking for, but I wanted to try out this other store. Checked the TTC schedules, left here around 12:40. Got to Davisville and discovered that the 20 minute schedule was suddenly now a 30 minute schedule. Bus stopped at Glencairn forever.

Finally got to Dufferin to discover the neighbourhood was in the middle of a blackout – so no lights in the store, no bank machines, etc. Decided to check it out another day (but looks promising, if a bit crowded). Walked up to Lawrence, waited for bus in the scorching heat (it’s 35 out there right now, plus humidex probably puts it above 40 – had my parasol, thankfully), got on the bus and the traffic lights all came back on. Grr. Considered going to the mall but was so disgusted with the entire experience I just came home. 3 hours later. Gah.

So anyway, that’s been my day so far.

Lastnight I started making Swatchicles (thanks to I Drink Nail Polish for the excellent tutorial!), today I shall start painting. I counted, btw, and I have 100 bottles of polish, not including the Konad bottles (5 of them), art brush bottles (3) and top/base coats (um, many). Might be time to whittle those down, perhaps? I also don’t count the two MAC bottles I STILL can’t get open and may have to give up on (Alumina and Jet, so sad to lose Alumina!)…


  1. Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today regarding the Quo by Orly Turquoise Moonlight polish! :)

    Aww...sorry that you had such a terrible experience. Have you headed out there again?

    Also, I'm curious about that first place you mentioned: Jessica Cosmetic Nail and Beauty Supplies. What kind of nail-polish brands did they carry? Is it mainly polish or more other stuff?

  2. Thanks! I did get out to Nina again, and got a bunch of stuff (including some Orly, yay!)

    Jessica is huge! It's mainly manicure stuff, lots of OPI / China Glaze / Color Club and other brands I can't remember, plus tools and gel stuff and also a section with furniture like manicure tables, etc. Easy to spend a lot of time/money there...

    FYI, I've made about 120 or so swatchicles now, eventually I'll have some pix up...

  3. Wow, can't believe I never heard of Jessica before! I'll have to check it out, especially if they carry a lot of discounted polishes. :D Thanks!

  4. Well, they're not *super* discounted, but there's a bit of a discount. Mostly it's just exciting to see so much in one place!