Sunday, August 28, 2011

Best day ever?


Friday I took the Casino bus into Niagara Falls to visit my folks. Dad met me at the casino, we went to the all-you-can-eat buffet (where I proceeded to drip several kinds of sauce onto my favourite green shirt) and then to the slots.

(I highly recommend the Casino bus to Fallsview. First of all, it's a same-day return ticket, for pretty cheap - if you have a casino card, your return ticket is only $16 and change. That's right, RETURN for $16 and change. Right there, that's awesome. Plus, they give you $10 on your casino card, which you have to play, but still that makes it $6!)

Went to the slots. Didn't win, probably put $40 in (it was at least $20 though) plus that bonus $10. That's okay, it was entertaining anyway. Dad didn't win either, but we never play with more than we could lose without crying.

So we're driving back to the house, and almost there when I suddenly realize I don't have my jacket! My TFC jacket! My TFC jacket that would cost me a fortune to replace, that I was super-lucky to find on a sale, that I wear everywhere! Gah! I suck - I must have put it over a chair back as I played a game and then forgot it. Wah!

When we got back I gave the casino a call and spoke to their lost & found - it hadn't been turned in, but the guy told me sometimes it takes a while for stuff to make it to him, I should try calling back later. Grr.

You may have guessed that FRIDAY was not the best day ever. At least Mum made scalloped potatoes and chicken, yum...

So Saturday I called the casino back - guess what, someone HAD turned it in, yay! So lucky. So out Dad and I went to the casino again! They did indeed have my jacket - which I promptly tied around my waist, not forgetting it again! Then, since we were there, we decided to play a few machines.

I sat at a penny machine that had lots of flashy lights and made no sense to me at all. I put in $20. It gave me back $140. I like that machine. Dad didn't win, but he didn't lose too much, so that was okay.

Then we stopped at the outlet mall on Lundy's Lane. Dad was very patient while I went to practically every store. Got some body butter, some nail decals... and over $200 worth of Coach for like $75. Nice.

Decided it would be a good day to buy lottery tix! Had my previous tix checked - won $10 and a free game.

Got home - Mum had made lemon meringue pie while we were gone. Leftover scalloped potatoes for dinner, even better than the day before. Games of Kismet with the folks.

Doctor Who marathon, followed by the half-season premiere, Let's Kill Hitler - which was awesome and confusing and all kinds of great! Followed by a new Torchwood episode which was pretty good as well.

To top it all off, Stefon was on the SNL repeat.

Yep, that's a pretty good day right there.

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