Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oops, have I been missing again?

I realize I haven't been posting much lately, so here's a little catch-up:

Dr Who, series 6.1
  • You already know my thoughts on The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon (in a word, awesome - and, yes, I know I'm over-using the word). 
  • Curse of the Black Spot: I was expecting something light and fluffy, what I got was, well light and somewhat fluffy - it had more to it than I expected. I did like how he had to keep revising his assessment of the situation. And why couldn't he help Amy to save Rory? Interesting... 
  • The Doctor's Wife: most excellent. Corridors! The TARDIS! Fake McGann voice (cheeky buggers)! Matt Smith was really amazing in this one. Also, you all know how I feel about Neil Gaiman.
  • The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People: good, but I have to say it definitely wasn't my favorite. Did like the switcharoo, the acting was good from all and the reveal at the end was really excellent, but overall it was just okay.
  • A Good Man Goes To War: holy crap, this was awesome! Fighting, sneakiness, lesbian Silurian detective (spinoff please!), and a big River Song twist! So hard to wait for this weekend for it to come back...

But Torchwood has helped with that. We're up to episode seven, three left. So far so good, overall I've been pleased - the interwoven storylines are interesting, I have an interest in what happens to most of the characters. There have been a few stumbles, but overall it's compelling and I'm looking forward to the resolution over the next three weeks. The namechecks made me squee a bit, I must admit ;) 

Speaking of Dr Who, work on Enlightenment has been slooooooow this summer - some of it is me, I take that responsibility. But I can honestly say we're putting out a pretty quality product, if a bit tardy. I'm gonna chase the Editor like he owes me money for the next one!

Got a new freelance client, enjoying working with him - it's interesting to be using my template-making powers for good rather than evil. BTW, if you need design work (web or otherwise) and are either on the west coast or don't care where it's done, I may have a couple of names for you, shoot me a message...

There have been movies...
  • The Harry Potter finale was pretty satisfying - and holy crap, have you seen the actor who played Neville lately? He's downright hawt! What else did I see... 
  • Bridesmaids was so much more than unexpected, seriously just see it. 
  • Super 8 was just what a Speilberg/Abrams collaboration needed to be. 
  • Did I mention Thor? Also better than expected, knew when to be serious and when to keep tongue firmly in cheek. 
  • Cowboys & Aliens - people have been complaining about this one and I don't understand why. I mean, it's COWBOYS. And ALIENS. The story was relatively simple but moved at a good clip, the acting was pretty solid and the effects were great. Plus shirtless Daniel Craig, I mean come on people. 
  • Rango - now I understand why this was in and out of the theatre so fast. I loved it, seriously, but I think the studio shot itself in the foot by not recognizing its actual target audience - they marketed it as a kids' movie, and it's just not. Existential questions on the meaning of life? Lesbian jokes? Long expositions? Just not for the average 6-year-old.

The end of the world didn't come after all (surprised?), so all those billboards were just decorations.

Craig Ferguson played Massey Hall at the end of July. He was brilliant! Most perfectly-timed feather fell from the ceiling in the middle of a discussion on the relative dangers of inserting hen's eggs vaginally.

Summer darts is over, at times I was fabulous but never for an entire game *sigh* - Rich did get a 180 though, yay! New home pub too, The Madison.

GREG PROOPS ANSWERED MY QUESTION! Yes, even though he thought it was somewhat ridiculous, he read and answered my question at the end of the 'Trains' Proopcast - I danced a little dance!

The Pride parade... You know, I think I may give up on attending in future, I'm just not getting out of it what I used to. Maybe next year J&P&A and I will go to the island instead, or the zoo.

TFC. Went to two games this season. I refuse to comment on them. *heavier sigh*

They Might Be Giants played a free show during Luminato... And the setlist was in alphabetical order! It was awesome, I took pix - which I will eventually get around to posting. I was joined by THB and his little guy, thoroughly enjoyable!

The cottage, great trip this year. Irritating timing with the weather though, we planned for the second week of August specifically so we would be right in the middle of the Perseids, but every night that was clear was dominated by an (admittedly glorious) overbearingly bright almost full moon. Many LawnGuyLand (ask me) iced teas were had by T and I, the Boy and Jeremy hardly took part. Game of Douchebags and IT Crowd marathon highly enjoyed. Kitties happy, Mocha caught many mice and a chipmunk (I know, but it was taunting her all week).

Prisencolinensinainciusol. Seriously, I can't get it out of my head. I'll make it a link, so you can share.

Also, Amy Winehouse, Jack Layton and a large number of people in Norway died. All affected me in varying degrees, and I'm not going to discuss them just now, except to say: treasure every moment.

And today T and I visited Canada's Wonderland! Because of the absolutely insane storm last night (pix will be up soon) more people changed their plans and stayed home, which meant we hardly had to wait for our rides and we weren't constantly surrounded by screaming babies, yay! It was excellent, my only regret is that we didn't stay until 10pm to see the projection show on Wonder Mountain, but that's okay.

Anyway, I'm making this post from bed so I'm sure it's full of errors, but I'll 'fix it in post,' as they say!


  1. Re: your as yet unnamed condo, I've just decided that your sunroom/enclosed balcony/den should be called The Airlock. Do with that what you will.

  2. The Airlock... Now that could work, at least for the sunroom...