Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is me, sharing way too much (a catch-up post)

So it's been a little while since I posted about anything that wasn't about my favourite music. About three months actually. (Not that the music posts haven't been interesting, but they've sidetracked me a bit.) Here's a little rundown of what's been going on.

  • Went to the CNE a few times, finally tried the Deep Fried Butter. Never have to again, though I must admit it was mighty tasty. 
  • Went up to Kitchener for the annual end-of-summer party at J*&P&A's house, really nice. 
  • Dentist appointment. Huzzah, I don't have any cavities! Also tried to make an appointment with my family doctor to have my annual physical and check-up, booked for her first opening - in freaking APRIL. Yep. But she saw me briefly at least, more tests for me! Also went to the Rudd Clinic, at my doctor's referral, to have a rather uncomfortable and awkward problem taken care of. This involved minor surgery. For which I was NOT NUMB. That's right, they shot me with a local, but didn't wait to see if it would actually kick in before they started cutting and burning. I shook, I sobbed, I yelled, I almost kicked him. Anyway, just had my first checkup and healing is going well, the wound has gone from a crater to, well, a shallower crater, and is now looking more like a bullet wound scar. I think it's finally fully closed now, at least. Back again in January!
  • At work, the temp designer they had come in to cover my vacation has been asked to stay for a few months, as we're clearly busy enough for two of me. I like her, she gets how to work in our environment. 
  • Got two more pairs of glasses from - prescription sunglasses (my first) and, just for the hell of it, progressives (which freak me out!) - I think I'm done now, unless I decide the progressives are too weird and need to replace them. I'm still telling everyone though...
  • Booked vacation for January - back to CuraƧao, with J*&P&A again... Plus JE from work! We've always wanted to go on vacation together, now we can!
  • Got out to TFC, which was pretty good. Went to Nuit Blanche with Xognya, which was amusing. Made microwave potato chips, which were better than you might think. 
  • Went to another swap, got awesome stuff and purged a bunch of other stuff! Including a bunch of nail polishes - this got me down to 125. Now, just yesterday I purchased three new ones, but they were pretty special. I sold a bunch at work too, which worked out well, and it will soon be time for me to go over them all again... Also went to a Hallowe'en party for the first time in forever, and actually had fun! Dressed up. I looked pretty awesome I must say, as did my cohorts.
  • Started back to darts for the new season - we've merged with another team, and it's bringing out the good in all of us (yes, me too). I don't win every night, but I'm definitely improving. I really need to find somewhere to practice.
  • Steve Jobs died.
  • So did Andy Rooney and Joe Frazier.
  • Went to a rather swank, non-religious wedding, which was awesome - even when my place card caught on fire. And then the next table over's table number caught on fire. And then the father of the bride's speech went up in flames. I'm not kidding. But really, the ceremony and the reception were fantastic.
  • Further amazingness with Greg Proops! He came to town and Xognya and I went to see him. Met him outside before the gig and chatted with him about the weather (yes, seriously), Tesla (the man, not the band) and the strangeness of UK power plugs. Inside, before he started recording his blog (The Smartest Man In The World, look for it) he gave us a couple of CDs, and then later I was his first question from the audience. What a great night! 
  • I've decided to hack together a stereo stand using Ikea Lack end tables, but I've hit a snag in that I can't find super long dowel screws. I'm contemplating what to use instead.
  • Finally, my shower has decided it doesn't want to do that anymore, so now I can only have baths. I want to be self-sufficient, but I can't get the diverter valve out of the wall to replace the broken washer. I really don't want to have to pay a plumber to do it...

Well, that pretty much catches you up! So what's new with you?

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  1. Woohoo Curacao. Can't wait! Countdown - 36 days. Now, to lost 36 pounds for the realities of a bikini....eek! xoxo