Sunday, January 01, 2012

Looking back on 2011

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a great night last night. I know I did — they say the way you spend your New Year’s Eve is the way you’ll spend your year, and if that’s true I think I’m going to have an awesome one, surrounded by good food, yummy drinks, great friends (new and old) and glittery nail polish *grin*

So let’s see, what kind of a year was 2011... 

  • Went to Los Angeles for my third Gallifrey One convention, which was awesome. Another successful trip to Amoeba Records and a taping of Craig Ferguson’s show, huzzah! Also went up to the planetarium, but we were there too early so we couldn’t go in. I’ve since discovered that Paul McGann (yes, that one) is going to be at this year’s convention, but I’m not going to go because, let’s face it, I’d end up with a restraining order on me. Well maybe not — I’m not that bad — but he WILL be completely surrounded by PMEB ladies and I really don’t want to have to deal with that. Besides, I can only afford one trip in the winter, and Curaçao is coming up for me in three weeks or so, yay!
  • Celebrated my first year of home ownership. Still have lots of boxes to unpack, but I’m farther along than I was. Had a new balcony enclosure constructed, it’s really nice. Not as heat-insulated as I would prefer, but I didn’t pay for double-walled glass so that’s my own deal. About a month ago my diverter valve went kaput in my shower so I have only been able to take baths, I tried to fix it myself but that didn’t really work so I’m going to have to call a plumber, grr...
  • My nail polish obsession continues apace, after Xmas/birthday presents I’m now at 156 bottles — I actually sold a bunch at work to some happy ladies, good thing too or I’d be way over 200! I’m still trying to do my nails every week (not always succeeding) and I’m getting much better at not slopping it all over myself *grin* — I take pictures when I do and post them to my Flickr pages, I’ll have to post them here when I get time!
  • Nicholas Courtney and Lis Sladen passed away, very sad occasions. Both of them, in their respective roles as The Brigadier and Sarah Jane on Doctor Who, were a huge influence on me during my childhood, and they are greatly missed. When I heard about Lis Sladen I was at the Science Centre with a dear friend who was in visiting from England, which brought the day down somewhat. A couple of days later, though, we were treated to the miraculous sight of The Boy chasing down a tow truck ON FOOT and successfully rescuing his car, amazing!
  • I’m getting better at my darts, and our team merged with another this year too — we’re up in B Division now! No pressure..
  • Had a couple of freelance clients this year, one went weird and one is going well so that’s a pretty good balance. Also still working on Enlightenment, although we’ve been a bit behind in our releases. We’re getting back on track though!
  • I redesigned my blog, which I think has gone well — what do you think? Is it getting stale, should I change it again? I still like it.
  • Still messing around with my Wii, having fun with it. Not daily though, but I should — if I did my Wii Fit every day I’d be in awesome shape!
  • I hit my 10-year anniversary with the firm last year, got nice prezzies from Birk’s (mmm, silver), I can’t believe it’s been so long! I went to an InDesign seminar in the spring that was really awesome, the best work-related course I’ve ever taken. I’m still using tricks I learned!
  • Had to get new fillings on the right side this year, and they’ve never quite settled properly, I may have to have them re-set in the spring, grr. Also had minor surgery (WITHOUT ANAESTHESIA, I should add) but I’m basically healed up now.
  • Continuing in the theme of not getting walked all over, I took Coach Canada to task for their deplorable service. Got a free ticket out of it, but that didn’t really help. On the other hand, my train trip home for Xmas was on the most awesome train ever, it was like being on a plane but with leg room! Go Via Rail!
  • Bought way too many pairs of prescription glasses from — but damn, I’m fashionable now!
  • Craig Ferguson. Greg Proops. They Might Be Giants. Great year for live shows!
  • Finally, I’ve started posting about some of my favourite music, I’m up to 1983 now, plus Xmas tunes. More to come.

Hope your holidays have been grand everyone!

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