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Posts from beyond: 2004

January 2004

It’s a new year – and I started it by experimenting with food, my first meal of the year was something I don’t think I’d order again but I tried it anyway. So there! Went out for an early birthday dinner with 25 of my friends, that was great! I’ve only made it to the gym once so far, not so good. But I’m trying to bring my lunch in rather than eating concourse crap. I also went to a Who Pub, which was good, but it would have been better if my back hadn’t been sore – sitting on a bar stool for 4 or 5 hours isn’t so good when you’re over 25 ;-)
Big Fish – lotsa fun
LOTR: Return Of The King – yes, that’s twice now


A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Minority Report

February 2004

This month we had a 60th birthday celebration for a friend’s mother, which was a really big celebration and lots of fun! Out on Kennedy though, so it was quite a trip to get there, and there was still lots of ice on the roads. My ankle really flared up for a week or so this month – it was a year ago that I fell – so it’s been a little strange. Got to the doctor to have it checked out, and basically there’s nothing that can be done... although I now have discovered I need orthotics! Guess I’m getting old. I got a lot more visiting with friends in this month, that makes me happy. Ooh, and I also went to the Auto Show! Finally sat in a Smart car, and I still want one...

The Big Bounce
Butterfly Effect


The West Wing Season 1
Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)
’Allo ’Allo Series 1

March 2004

So now I have orthotics. Yeah, and they were so expensive! And then I had to get new shoes for them to fit into too, so there you go. I also made a big-ass tote bag, I guess just to prove to myself that I could still sew. It worked! Went to the Wine & Cheese Show with some girlfriends, had a blast! Have you tried Vanilla Schnapps yet? Mmmm... So I’ve also tried to get more exercise in, getting back to the gym and also trying to actually eat breakfast. So far so good! I got to visit with friends more too, Lots of medical appointments too, an Ear Nose & Throat guy and my dentist, and I’m being referred to an allergist too.

Starsky & Hutch
Secret Window
50 First Dates


The Truth About Cats And Dogs
The Ice Storm

April 2004

Went to this month’s Who Pub, that was fun, ran into someone I haven’t seen in about a decade, that was cool. Visiting with friends again, went to a Stolen Wine Social night at The Hooch, that was interesting. Spent Easter with my parents of course, spent another weekend in KW, joined some friends at a housecooling party.

Continuing with the eating breakfast/going to the gym thing, it’s going well so far. Went to see the Allergist, now I’m on a daily dose, let’s see what that does for me. Oh, and I FINALLY did my taxes, yay!

Hellboy – twice!

Kill Bill vol 2


The Critic: The Complete Series

May 2004

Went to Savage Garden for the first time in forever with a couple of friends and also out to Velvet Underground, good exercise! Visited with an old friend from out of town, went to the Clothing Show, went to see my folks over the long weekend and started sorting through the decades of crap I’ve built up at their house, holy doodle! Still going to the gym and eating breakfast. Met up with my financial advisor and have come to the realization that I really need to get a handle on my spending, which is why the DVDs have stopped piling up. I still have a long wish list, but I can hold on!

Van Helsing – fun to watch, but not actually good

The Day After Tomorrow – A bit preachy, but not as much as it might have been


Stanard Ridgway – Live At The Strand

June 2004

Getting out again! Another visit to Savage Garden, yay! Also got together with a ton of folks to go to Medieval Times, woo hoo! Eating with your hands, mmm... Birthday party in KW too, I’ve discovered another beer I don’t not like, that’s two now!

On the 14th I was hit badly by an inner ear infection or something that caused me to have ‘benign positional vertigo’, which was totally nasty and I wouldn’t recommend it. I was severely dehydrated by the time I checked myself into St Mike’s hospital, they told me if I’d left it another couple of hours I would have been in GRAVE DANGER so I’m glad I went in when I did. I was there for 20 hours while they put liquids into me and finally had to give me something they give chemotherapy patients just to make my stomach calm down. I ended up missing seven straight days of work because of it too, and the effects weren’t gone at the end of the month. Oh, and I was meant to be meeting a guy for coffee that evening, I guess it wasn’t meant to be, yeah?

While recovering, I got to attend a fun house party at my neighbour’s place, watched the Pride parade (from a good vantage point for once), and then I went cottaging in Killarney, yay!

Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban – really good!

Chronicles Of Riddick – I liked it, lotsa fun


Billy Bragg – Must I Paint You A Picture?
Soundtrack – The Good Thief
a recording of the Killing Floor playlist from December at Savage Garden, a present for their anniversary!

July 2004

The cottage trip taught me one thing – Canasta Caliente is an addictive game! ;-) I attended my second Stolen Wine Social, that was lots of fun, then it was time to seriously prepare for this year’s summer deck party – I even bought new patio furniture, yay! The deck party itself was a huge success, I ended up with FOURTY-NINE guests in all, not including the drunken across-the-street neighbour that wandered in around 2AM! I still can’t believe I can get that many people into my little townhouse. Also managed to get myself out to Velvet for a night of booty-shaking. Man, isn’t that enough? No, I also met some new friends from Bowlie at the Camera Obscura show at the Horseshoe Tavern (which, btw, was a really great show), and then took one of them to TWO house parties and to Club Abstract in Kitchener and then to the Aberfoyle flea market and down to Niagara Falls, meeting yet another new friend there! We even went up the CN Tower, what a packed month! I ended the month with yet another trip to Welland to help my folks pack up their stuff.

A Touch Of Pink – Kyle Maclachlan totally channels Cary Grant

Spiderman 2
Fahrenheit 9/11 – wow.


Edward Scissorhands and Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life, as party gifts, yay!

Millennium Season One – Finally! I’ve been so good, I thought I totally deserved it...


From the Stolen Wine Social: a Beggars Group sampler, a Sub Pop sampler, a 4AD sampler and a Mantra sampler, all for free, yay!

August 2004

I needed to relax this month so I tried to not do as much stuff, but I did go to KW for a visit and spent time with some friends up there I hadn’t had much alone time with before, so that was pretty cool. I also went to Welland for Dad’s birthday and to help them pack some more, out to Velvet again and to a really fun deck party at my friend Shawn’s house. I also got to meet some more Bowlies for lunch, very cool – but of course I looked like crap that day, I always do when I meet new people ;-)

Of course, the biggest news is: I’m a Great-Aunt! My niece had a little baby, Danielle, and she’s cute as a button. Looks like my grandmother, too.

The Bourne Supremacy – really good, Matt Damon really plays that role well

The Village – I liked it more than a lot of others did...


Bubba Ho-Tep
Love, Actually

September 2004

I went to the Toronto Metro Zoo for the first time in at least fifteen years, yay! What fun! I took so many pictures too, a lot turned out quite good too. Eventually I’ll put some of them up. I also went to a cottage in the Kawarthas (mmm, Kawartha Dairy ice cream, there’s no better) and to the Clothing Show and met a couple of Bowlies for drinks, that was fun too. I also participated in a wheelchair rally for the Canadian Paraplegic Association, and it was HELL! Oh my god, I thought my arms were going to fall off! Went to Velvet again, so this is a good trend, and went to a wedding reception for a friend from University. I also decided to start knitting, so I made myself a shawl (to go with a dress I can’t wear yet, damn!) and started a HUGE cape, I’m so domestic!

Exorcist The Beginning – you know, it was actually okay, I mean it couldn’t compare with the original flick but the atmosphere was good

October 2004

I started the month off with a visit to Kitchener for a 40th anniversary party, that was pretty fun, but I was so tired! Am I getting old? Also went to Welland again for Thanksgiving, the day of the big move is fast approaching so packing is almost done. Went to a HUGE baby shower too, and had lots of fun at that. Still knitting that cape, I do more every day but even after a month it’s not done, man. Of course, Hallowe’en is the biggest day of the year for me so the party at Shawn’s was a big deal. I had invites to two other parties too but I’d already said I’d go to this one. Why can’t we have Hallowe’en a few times a year, then I could see everyone!

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow – visually stunning

Shaun Of The Dead – a movie made just for me!


Keen Eddie: Complete Series – yay! Finally!

Blood & Donuts – I can’t believe they released it on DVD!

Alien 3 – I know I already have the box set, but they didn’t expand the 3rd movie in that box so I just had to have it...

28 Days Later

November 2004

Okay, big month. First a birthday celebration that went from a restaurant with $3 margaritas to a bar with $3 martinis, then to a club with free drinks for the ladies before 11, then to another club (Velvet), quite a night! a couple of visiting Bowlies joined us too, that was cool, and I had lunch with them a couple of days later. Then I went to Welland and saw the inside of the house for the last time *sob* and helped with some final packing. Had another birthday dinner at a pub for another friend, and then I WENT TO BERMUDA for six days! That’s right! I took lots of pix there too, I’ll be posting them soon. It was so beautiful! My folks moved right after I came back so I spent the next weekend in Welland helping them unpack in the new place (managed to injure myself of course, I always do). I also started back to the gym as I’ve decided I’m becoming a lump. Went to another baby shower (so many babies!) and out for another night of dancing at Funhaus (Panic Night every last Saturday, very cool). The One Of A Kind show is on too, so money is being spent...

Oh, and I finally finished the cape! I’m a loose knitter though (make of that what you will) so it ended up being waaaaay too long and I had to undo a lot of it. Made a scarf for my Mum from the leftover yarn, and I’ve started another project – a baby blanket!

The Grudge – holy doodle, this is one scary movie. I jumped a lot, don’t see it alone!

December 2004

The baby blanket’s coming along, which is cool, but I’ve had to stop for a few things, it’s that time of year, you know how it is. My friend Todd and I test-drove a Smart! Oh man, I totally need my license now, it was so much fun! Christmas parties abound, and I’ve got only a few days left to finish my list, grr... Had a panic for a week when the computer just stopped working but I’m all better now! Oh, and had a repeat of the birthday night from November with yet another Bowlie, yay!

The holidays were great, I went home to visit my parents and spent a little over a week there, in the new/old place – which I’m getting used to now I guess, I’m still a little sad about the old place being sold though. I think Mum was really happy that I was knitting so much, like she finally saw proof I’m a real girl *grin* but I also think Dad felt like he lost me or something – we went to the casino (Dad had a fantastic streak), we went to bingo (as per always), we even picked up my Grandmother to bring her to visit, she gave me a scare when she fell in the washroom at a restaurant we stopped at though!

Topped it all off with New Year’s Eve at Jenn & Pete’s house! I mean, I was in my pyjamas by 12:30 though!

On top of all that, THREE babies have been born to friends this month (three couples, not triplets)! Happy birthday Aidan, Braeden and Kiryn!

The Incredibles – incredible. Does that sound cheeky? Sorry, but it was!

Shrek 2 – also incredible, lots of fun!


West Wing season 3 – xmas present from Tim & Belinda, yay!

Ed Wood – xmas present from Mum & Dad – can’t believe Dad remembered how much I love that movie...

Bowling For Columbine – also from Mum & Dad for xmas

Waking Ned Devine – yet again, from Mum & Dad, an early birthday present


My first CD in a long time, Leon Redbone’s Live & Kickin’
Early birthday present, Classic Alternatives 4, an ’80s compliation

...and Christmas Treasures Volume 4 – this was a gag gift but I’ll show them – next time they’re over, I’m gonna make them listen to it, bwa ha ha!

[note: this post rescued from certain death at my old website – transplanted here March 5, 2012]

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