Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Loose Button Luxe Box: May 2012

It’s been a scorcher this month, and work right now is so busy that I’ve really been needing something to pick me up. Just in time, today my May Luxe Box arrived! And what a nice surprise…

…this time it’s TWO boxes! Inside the shipping box were the usual Black Luxe Box and a white one labelled “Luxe Box Bath and Body” — and today I got an email that said “Something exciting is coming soon…” I think they’re going to start a home line! Anyway, here’s what I got:

In the black box there were so many things! Under ‘Made for Heather’ this time I have:
  • A postcard from the P&G Thank You, Mom campaign with a little writeup from Paula Findlay about how awesome her Mom is. I wouldn’t send it, as it’s not really postcard-y to me.
  • A coupon for $20 off a subscription to Panty By Post — again, something I’ll never use. I mean, when your ass is as big as mine, this isn’t really an option. But a nice idea anyway.
  • A writeup card about this month’s products, including:
    • Nubar Golden Lights Nail Lacquer — Full size! 15mL (retails at $8 they say, I’ve seen it much higher), very thin gold glitter, only usable as a topcoat but it might be really nice, I’ll have to try it out.
    • Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex — Again? Really? Well that’s nice, I mean it’s the same size as the one I got in my February box (7mL sample, full size 15mL for $60), and I decided it really wasn’t for me. I can’t give it to Mum as they suggest (rosacea), maybe I’ll give it to a friend.
    • Paco Rabanne Black XS L’Exces Hers/His eau de parfum/eau de toilette intense — These are two 1.2mL spray vials, each in its own sealed pack (50mL full size bottles are $74/$78). Actually the vials are both only half full, which I think is a bit cheap, so I’m not sure how much is actually in there. Haven’t tried the men’s yet, but the women’s is quite nice, although it starts STRONG. They describe the scent as ‘floral woody oriental’ and the men’s as ‘woody aromatic.’ Sounds good to me!
    • Orlane Magnificent Hair Care Conditioner Intensive Restructuring Treatment — 7mL tube, full-size is kinda pricey at $96 for 200mL. This is a pretty teeny tube of conditioner, especially compared to March’s giant Joico sample. Admittedly, 50mL was huge, more like a travel size, but how about 25mL instead? But you all know my need for conditioner, so let’s see what happens!

That’s a lot for one box! Moving on to the white box, which is just a foldy box rather than a slidey one like the regular box, I find:
  • Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex — Yes, AGAIN. Olay must really be pushing this product. *sigh* I’ll have to find ANOTHER person to take this one. Or maybe I’ll give it another shot.
  • Gillette Venus & Olay Razor and Five-Blade Cartridge — Yep, that’s it, Olay is definitely doing a big push. Not complaining at all about this one though, I LOVE getting razors! This particular product, plus a shower hangy thing, is about $16 at PharmaPlus, so not bad. I imagine the cartridges are expensive though, that’s how they get you…

One thing they said in the writeup card is that “May is Thank You, Mom Month” and they suggest the contents of the white box go to her. Well, I can’t give my Mum the Olay Regenerist sample, and she won’t want the razor, and May’s almost gone, so bang goes that idea. That’s something sort of irritating, actually — that the box comes at the very end of the month. I think the second or maybe even the third week of the month would be fine, but week four? Just seems like bad planning. But I’m still happy to get it, so I shouldn’t whine too much...

So that’s this month’s package! I’ll try to be quicker about coming back with a review of some of these products. And, as before, if you think this is something you would like to try, please consider signing up using my link (http://luxebox.loosebutton.com/friend-sign-up?referrer=ZmFjZjJhYjQ=) and shoot me a message, so they know it’s from my recommendation!

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