Friday, June 01, 2012

Apocalypse, right here and now [updated]

So it’s raining. Like really raining. Not in a cats-and-dogs kind of way, just in a you’ll-need-an-umbrella kind of way. But the city is grinding to a halt. Why?

Union Station is flooded.

Yep, all the rain falling in the entire downtown core is, just due to the slant of the city, being funnelled right into our main transit hub. Commuters had to be CARRIED OUT for their own safety. The subway is halted throughout the core and apparently the streetcars aren’t running very well in the flooded rails either.

So if you live here in Toronto, and thought you might go out and have fun? Just stay home. Watch a movie. Read a book. Play games with your family. Organize your cupboards. Believe me, you won’t be missing anything.

...and it’s supposed to keep raining all weekend long. Keep dry, folks.


And it took over two hours to get home, using streetcar, subway and bus. Not fun. On the plus side, it hardly rained at all on Saturday and only for a bit on Sunday. So much for the predicted downpour!

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