Tuesday, June 05, 2012

You know what really bothers me?

I’m doing a bit of a slow purge (of stuff, people, I’m not sick), and came across something that has inspired this post...

Unmatched power cords. I’ve just spent about 20 minutes going through a box of things in my ongoing quest to whittle down my belongings, and I’ve come across four power cords (the kind with the big adaptor-type plugs on them) with nothing to indicate what piece of equipment they came with. And until I know, I can’t give them to Goodwill or toss them…

Which made me think of a few other things that irritate me.

Foot and inch marks masquerading as apostrophes and quotation marks. I know it’s not expected that web posts will have proper punctuation in this regard, but it bothers me that posts I compose online never have proper curly marks (this one does though, as I’ve composed it in an editing document). Because of this, I keep going back to old posts just to fix the punctuation marks. Which no one notices but me and is, therefore, a complete waste of time.

My dying houseplants. I water them too much, I don’t water them enough, they get too much light, they have too much shade — my plants are never 100% happy, and I always feel like they’re on the verge of death. I’ve even managed to kill a SNAKE PLANT. You know, those plants that don’t need ANYTHING? Yep.

Those shoes with the individual toes. If we were meant to wear those kind of shoes, we just wouldn’t wear shoes. Oh, they help you to run barefoot? No they don’t, running barefoot helps you to run barefoot. A month or so ago I saw a really cute guy on the subway, thought hey, he’s got promise. Then I saw the stupid shoes. And the pants that looked like rice bags. Hippy.

Doing dishes at my own house. I don’t know why but I just HATE doing my own dishes. But if I visit my parents I have no problem doing dishes there. It’s especially irritating because I only have a single sink, maybe that’s it. Ironing is the same — fine to do at my parents’ place, despise doing it here.

Being caught falling up the stairs. So embarrassing. Had a particularly spectacular trip a few years ago, ended up sprawled out on the floor with my bags all around me, but I thought to myself, “Okay, I think I got away with that,” and started to gather myself. And then a really nice man came up and said, “Oh wow, I saw that, are you okay?” *cringe*

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