Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garnet Tuesday

So it’s been really quiet at work the past week, and today was no exception – I did so many when-I-get-around-to-it projects that my task list is down to a half a page, and unfortunately most of the rest of my list of tasks is stuck in limbo, being looked at by other people, or just projects that feel like make-work. And since it’s dart night tonight I can’t really go home or do something productive before-hand, so after 5 I closed my door and did my nails.

Yep, right there at my desk. No basecoat, no topcoat, but it was just for fun. Orly Garnet Truth (January), from their Year In Rocks collection from 2004, which I picked up randomly out on Dufferin one hot afternoon. A very sheer microshimmer, more pink than red. Not really a colour I’d wear on a regular basis, but I’m all about expanding my horizons.
A bit rubbery, actually. Strange.

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