Sunday, August 26, 2012

St Catharines – wut up wit dat?

Okay, so I want to know exactly WHAT they are putting in the water in St Catharines. 

My Dad's birthday was this week, so I came home for a visit. Which was nice – Dad and I went bowling and watched movies and played Selection and looked at the stars, and I helped Mum set up her email on the newly-working Metatron and did her nails (using the Gel kit, she loves it) and I got fed good food and relaxed. 

Anyway, we drove into town so I can catch the train back, and as we passed McGuire on Westchester A FULL-SIZED DEER came running out of the trees, maybe 30 feet ahead of us, flashing her white tail, and sprinted across the road and down the hill! Absolutely shocking, she was huge! 

Then we turned onto St Paul and, before we were across the overpass, someone ahead of us decided they were lost. But instead of getting off the road once across, they decided that driving at 20kph would be a great idea. And there's no way to pass along there, it's a solid line 'cos it's curvy. And they stayed in front of us all the way to the train station. Which was extra frustrating, because we were already later than we'd wanted to be so were worried we were going to be a bit late. 

When we pulled in to park, we couldn't drive through a couple of empty spots (a 'cheat spot' if you will – not the end of the world but a little irritating) because the person parked in front and to the side had all four of their car doors open for no apparent reason. I could see that one of the people was using his snow brush to clean his door. Then I saw the car parked two spaces away – with the driver-side window completely smashed. I have to guess this guy had something to do with that and was probably cleaning more broken glass out of his car. 

Seriously, what is going on in St Catharines? Are there secret government-run drug trials happening?

(Caught the train no problem of course, but we like to be at least 15 minutes early if not 20, and we were only 5 minutes early...)

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