Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a great, exhausting weekend!

Started with a tiny bit of a downer – my brothers were both playing together downtown, I had wanted to go but in the end I had to work much later than expected and just couldn’t do it, so I had to pass.

But pretty much everything else was awesome!

First, as mentioned earlier, Shoppers Drug Mart was having a Spend Your Points day, and at the same time the Nailene SensatioNail LED Gel Starter Kit (which I’ve been coveting for weeks and weeks) was on sale from $95 down to $80 and the extra polishes were down from $17 to $15, so I ended up buying the kit in Scarlet Red and an extra polish in Blue Yonder, and in the end I paid $12.40, huzzah! Then the Boy was downtown for a work lunch so we met up for some deKefir dessert before I had to go back to work.

Later I found Alan Dean Foster’s novelizations of the first three Alien books for $1 each (I’ve actually been looking for the first one for years, read it back in grade 8, years before I saw the movie, and really loved it) and got a free pastry at Panera Bakery (mmm!), then super cheap DVDs of Harold and Maude, Ray Bradbury Theatre, Arsenic and Old Lace and the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from Sunrise.

On Saturday the Boy and I went to the CNE and the TFC/Kansas City game – where I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in probably four years, and his wife who I haven’t seen in probably eight or nine! Very nice, mostly made up for the disappointing game (*shakes fist*). The CNE was pretty good, as always I bought a lot of nail polishes, some are duplicates and will be finding good homes but the big excitement about it is the number of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms I found! Seriously, couldn’t be happier about that. Also, when I was in high school I had some metatarsal pads that looped around the second toe, so they’d stay inside your sock – not stuck in the sole of your shoe (and by stuck I mean only for two minutes before they started to migrate), but I haven’t been able to find any since then. Guess what I found!? Also new slippers (Because the ones I bought a few weeks ago? I hate them.) and the most adorable new bathing suit, DVD of season 2 of This American Life, presents for Dad (happy birthday tomorrow Dad!) and some books for myself, and also a new Otterbox iPhone case. So happy to get home and relax!

Then today it just kept getting better – the Boy and I had lunch and went to 69 Vintage on Bloor and returned the not-working amplifier (which was no problem and I’ll definitely give them my business going forward) and bought some new nail supplies. We got home with enough time to go for a swim before the dinner hour break, so I tried out the new suit (lovely) – and found out the heater’s been broken for a week. OMG the pool was sooooo cold! Actually it was only super cold for maybe five minutes and then we got used to it – but because it was so cold no one would go swimming – the lifeguard said we were the first people he’d had in the pool in THREE DAYS. Suckers, more pool for us!

Anyway, got out after about a half hour and decided to give the gel nail kit a try... and I love it! Seriously I love it so much! To be honest, the Scarlet colour is not really my thing and next time I’ll go for something else for sure, like the blue I also bought maybe, but I completely love how shiny and smooth and perfect they are! I love that when the process is over I can DO THINGS and don’t have to wait for hours for my nails to dry. I would call this a complete success. Oh, and then J*&P and Mr Pants stopped in for a visit so we all went to dinner.

Really, just the best weekend ever. I love everything right now.

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