Sunday, August 04, 2013

Another day, another Doctor

Know what I like? Police officers who do their job without being a dick. Also veterinarians who are really nice to your pets (T and I are at one right now with Jake, it's not fair to get sick when you're on vacation, aaaw).

Know what else I like? Today's announcement of the new Doctor. I think Peter Capaldi is an excellent choice - a bit older, maybe a bit more serious. He was excellent in Torchwood: Children of Earth a few years ago, had a good turn in Sea of Souls and was both beautiful and frightening in Neverwhere. And don't forget, of course, the grand tradition of reusing guests as main characters: Capaldi was the patriarch of the Caecilius family in Fires of Pompeii (remember our first glimpse of Karen Gillan came from this same story). And of course he's been in a ton of other things (quite amusing in Dangerous Liaisons), go check him out!

Now, can it get warmer please?

19° Partly Cloudy

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