Thursday, August 08, 2013

Seven years ago

Some things that happened up to today, seven years ago:

  • I went to CuraƧao on vacation and rode a scooter and snorkeled every single day
  • I joined the Knitting Olympics
  • I saw a fantastic band at an awful venue, an okay band at a free venue and a pretty great band at a pretty great venue
  • I started this blog
  • I bought my first ever brand-new computer
  • Jody moved out
  • Mum gave me my first proper diamond ring
  • Aunt Shirley died
  • Changed my medication and dealt with the aftermath of that for the next six years
  • Dad had surgery for a double hernia and then successfully fought throat cancer
  • Met a new best friend
  • ...and, seven years ago today, Uncle Ronnie died

Well, the weather promised to hit a balmy 23 degrees today, but didn't quite make it. I wore shorts anyway, trying to force its hand. Seriously, been up here eight days and this is the first day I could even think about wearing the shorts I brought, grr. It was pretty nice anyway, sunny and breezy - I even got a bit of a tan/burn.

Where's that kitty I like to taunt?
The Boy is here now so it's the three of us plus Mocha. She definitely misses Jake, but I think she realizes he's not coming back so she's trying to fill the hole left by him by being extra affectionate. She used to be right out the door as soon as she could and be out there for hours, now she wants to be inside unless someone's out with her. Funny how things change.

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