Sunday, July 27, 2014

Movies by year: 1995

(Can you keep a secret? So can I - look out for spoilers!)

1995 - what an amazing year for movies! Astronauts had a problem in Apollo 13; Kevin Spacey took the screen by storm in both Se7en and The Usual Suspects; Terry Gilliam's insane masterpiece Twelve Monkeys hit the theatres; Hugh Grant stammered his charming way into our hearts in The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain; Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan were adorable in French Kiss; and a little Canadian film called Blood And Donuts wormed its way into my heart. But an angel told us all a secret just before we were born...

The Prophecy

Elias Koteas. Virginia Madsen. Eric Stoltz. Viggo Mortensen. Adam Goldberg. Amanda Plummer. CHRISTOPHER WALKEN. What, you need more of a reason to see this? Okay, here we go. Detective Dagget has seen angels since he was a child. Lucky him, right? Not so much, they're terrifying. But everyone can see the corpse that ends up in his jurisdiction - who, as it turns out, is the angel Uziel. There's a second war in heaven, see, led by Gabriel, and he needs a truly evil soul to tip the balance - but Simon has found it first and has hidden it away. Gabriel has to follow Simon to Earth to find it, and mayhem ensues. This was the film that made me remember that I like Eric Stoltz, and introduced me to Viggo in the guise of Lucifer. The best Lucifer ever, I might add. I mean, he stole the film from Walken, crazy right?

I've seen the sequel, and it was meh. There's at least one more, but I wouldn't have high hopes for it. But this one is definitely worth seeing.

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