Saturday, August 02, 2014

Cottage report: Friday night

So it cottage season, and I'm just going to bed - we've been up here since Thursday around 7ish - and there were SO many mosquitos that I got basically sucked dry by the time we got from the dock up to the house. We got settled in and basically decompressed for a few hours before pulling out the media player and watching a few shows and movies, and had a relatively early night (went to bed at 1:30am).

This morning I got up around 10ish, read and crafted and puzzled for hours - aaaah, vacation time. It eventually warmed up to around 22, which was the warmest it got the entire time on my last trip up! We went into town around 4:30pm to fuel up, get beer and cider and some gingerale. Also, I'm getting better at the tying off of the boat at the dock.

Tonight between shows we sat outside and stargazed - it's gorgeous up here tonight, super clear and you can get lost in the stars. I saw a shooting star and maybe two more, although they were more likely bugs that were caught in the light :)

There's a brash little mouse that has spent the entire day darting from the fireplace into the kitchen and rummaging around, Mocha doesn't even seem to care - he's gonna regret that by the time this trip is over…

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