Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Cottage trip half over :(

Well, after three or four nights of gorgeous stars, we're now overcast. Not bad though, I mean it's still beautiful, but rain in the night is becoming a thing. Not surprised, just sad we probably won't get a good night watching shooting stars before we go back.

The Boy came up on Sunday and he goes back tomorrow (can't miss Tavern) - I think I'm going to send my bathing suit and shorts back with him, I don't think it's going to get as warm as it was the first couple of days. Yesterday the three of us drove into Sudbury to do some groceries and T picked up some new mousetraps. And guess what, THEY WORK. Turns out it was TWO identical mice, not just the one. It was getting ridiculous, the one was so brazen he'd just bound across the middle of the room right in front of us.

We've had corn and kebabs, so we're all good, and T and I have made a serious dent in the LawnGuyLand 'mix' (The Boy doesn't really drink). 3-1/2 days left, have you ever heard anything so sad?

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