Monday, September 01, 2014

Rogue rusty pepperpot

This weekend brought us the second episode of the season of Doctor Who, and we find out if it was just a fluke last week. Look out for spoilers!

Into The Dalek

OK, while I did enjoy this one, I have to admit I didn't like it as much as the previous week's episode, because the basic idea has been done before - not just in the movies (Fantastic Voyage, anyone? Of course, it does get referenced so that's okay) but in the classic series, and even in the new series. That said, there were some fine performances and interesting moral quandaries to tackle.

Danny Pink is interesting. A soldier with a conscience it seems, and sweet and awkward too. Clara's interaction with him is fun. But he's obviously got a deep dark secret, and I suppose that's going to be the secondary story arc of the season.

Contrast that budding relationship with The Doctor and Journey Blue. She proves herself worthy, I think, by being willing to sacrifice herself to stop the killing, but in the end she's not allowed to join The Doctor and Clara, and I felt so sad for her. Of course, Gretchen's actual sacrifice was gut wrenching, and The Doctor's promise to her was equally as touching.

Clara is okay in this one, but not as good as the last episode (hard to beat that though, her best so far). She's given some good lines though, and she delivers them well, but I don't feel like there was as much for Jenna Coleman to sink her teeth into this time around.

Capaldi, though, I am still liking quite a bit, as he seems to get less likeable. He displays a callous exterior but we see the chinks in his armour more and more, and the true, vulnerable side peeks through. Clara is a much more grounding 'pal' for him now than she was for his predecessor. Also, if you thought Matt Smith spoke too quickly to keep up with, you'll be lost with Peter Capaldi - he's quiet and quick, let's just say I'll be happy when I can buy the season so I can rewatch with subtitles!

Then of course we get another glimpse of 'Heaven' - our major arc for the season. What is going on? Is she a Time Lady, picking people up in her own overly-flowery TARDIS just before they die? Is it an extension of the Library? Is she River? OOH, is she The Rani?!?

I don't hate the theme as much this week. My thoughts haven't changed on the opening sequence.

What did you think?

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