Saturday, August 08, 2015

Cottage day 8: not long now

Another lovely day - not quite as lovely as yesterday though, when we finally got enough sun for me to break out my bathing suit and sunbathe for a bit. I'm not absolutely fish-belly-white anymore! I wouldn't go so far as to call it a tan though.

Thursday night Bob and Karen came for a visit - they live here year-round and have helped T and his family for a long time helping to maintain the cottage. They're good folks and I missed seeing them on our trip last year as schedules did not allow for them to visit while I was here. They've invited us to come up to the camp today, we're waiting to see if the weather will hold and if they'll be around, as we don't want to navigate there blind! Karen promised a good old-fashioned fish fry if we make it, and suggested we just hunker down and stay overnight on the boat (so as to drink as uninhibitedly as possible, I suspect!) - the boat is set up for that, but I don't know if I want to sleep on it, considering every single fucking deerfly in the area camps out in it!

Lastnight was a particularly late night, we didn't eat dinner until after 10 so movie/tv watching took us past 5am - well, took me past 5am anyway, T stayed up later than I did. All I know is there was a lot of light streaming in my deck door when I went to bed, and the moon wasn't that bright lastnight!

Oh, also: my backup erasable pen ran out yesterday, so now I have to do my puzzles in proper ink. You can't be as bold when you know you can't erase mistakes! And I do realize that makes me sound like a granny.

Home in two days. Melancholy will set in tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cottage day five: The Cottagening

Today The Boy left to go back South (TFC was calling) so T and I went into Sudbury to get groceries. And didn't come back for 6-1/2 hours. That's what it is to go for proper groceries and lunch up here - either you get meagre overpriced pickings in town (perfectly understandable of course) or you drive out to get proper groceries, too many DVDs, cottage supplies, boating supplies, lunch and cheezies. We chose the latter.

It's absolutely gorgeous right now - the bugs are at bay, there's hardly a breeze, it's calm and sunny. This is the first evening we've been able to sit on the deck for more than a few minutes since we got up here actually. Mocha even came out, not that she's wandering much, just sitting on the steps waiting for her nemesis (one of the local chipmunks) to make an appearance.

Water level's still nice and high. If the weather's nice later this week we might go for a trip to Little Current, we haven't done that for a few years.

Can I tell you something? I bought a bikini last week. Yep. Do I have a 'beach body'? Hell no. In fact I will likely never wear it to the beach and maybe not even to my condo's pool. But I brought it up here anyway, thinking I might sunbathe in it if we get some really nice days. But I sent it home with The Boy - I still have my regular bathing suit here, just in case, although I doubt I will swim here this trip. I think the water's going to be too cold, I'm terribly spoiled by our pool.

Gonna break out the LawnGuyLands pretty soon, then figure out which of the horde of DVDs we just bought to watch.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Gloomy cottage afternoons

T and The Boy and I came up to the cottage on Friday night, driving through absolutely terrible traffic until past Barrie and rain just ahead of us most of the way, making our usual stop in Parry Sound (this time we needed lemon for our LawnGuyLand Iced Tea), finally docking at the cottage about an hour later than we'd originally planned - but the water! The water was so high we could almost walk from the floating dock to the upper dock! So nice to see, I've been coming up here since 2001 and I've never seen it this high - T says it's been about 30 years. Big difference from a couple of years ago when we broke not one but TWO propellers on the boat within three days.

We spent yesterday lounging around the cottage, mostly inside - the temperature wasn't bad, but it was so windy it was pretty much useless trying to do anything out there. That's OK though, that just meant a lack of deerflies and mosquitos. We started our drinking light, gotta ease into these things. Mocha seems very happy, hanging out and investigating.

We had a pretty hard storm around noonish today, pouring rain and some mighty thunderclaps, but then it all passed on. It's been pretty overcast since then. T and I took advantage of the calm to go into town to get a few things we'd forgotten (who forgets butter?) - and Killarney Mountain Lodge has really put in a lot of work! The lodge and the station have all new docks and new bright red deck chairs all the way along, really nice to see. I recommend dinner here, by the way, it's fancy :)

We just came back and docked about a half hour ago, and the water level's even higher - I quite literally walked from the one dock to the other with no effort - meaning it's about 2 feet higher than I'm used to seeing it. Nice!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

iPhoto/Flickr shenanigans

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Today has been a long, beautiful Sunday afternoon. Took The Boy for brunch for his birthday, went to the beach (where the water was WAY too cold), visited The Boy's family, swam in the pool (which was perfect, I'm so spoiled), went for dinner. Then I thought I'd do a bit of blog maintenance - I've now added a 'related posts' widget thingie, do you like it?

Anyway, in the process of testing it out, I came across a post with a missing image. And it's not an image I linked to on someone else's blog, it's one I took with my own camera and host on my own Flickr Pro site. And when I went to check it out, sure enough, it was gone. GONE. Like, not there anymore. On this page I pay money for.

So I do a little web searching and find iPhoto is responsible. Because I linked iPhoto to Flickr for the purposes of being able to upload photos there directly, iPhoto somehow thought that meant I wanted it to MANAGE my Flickr account. Not so! Nowhere do I see where it says 'iPhoto will now manage your Flickr account, never touch anything again or you will regret it.' Apparently if I move or delete a photo from iPhoto it will remove it from Flickr.

Here's the thing though. I haven't removed that particular photo, it's still there in my iPhoto. It's just gone from Flickr. I don't know how or when this happened. I also have no way of knowing what other photos it's decided to remove from Flickr.

So I've removed Flickr from my iPhoto 'accounts' to keep more of these shenanigans from happening, but what the hell?

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Way too obvious, Cineplex.

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So I noticed about a month or so ago that the size of the concession stand drinks has changed, but the price has not. I just made the assumption they were after more money and left it at that.

This morning on my commute I read an article about it in the Metro wherein the Cineplex spokesman claimed "people prefer smaller drinks." Um, people who want a smaller drink will, surely, purchase a smaller drink on their own, right?

But a moviegoer who asked at the theatre about the size change was told it was to meet with "Canadian law." Huh? What law is that? And when he pointed out there is no such law, the story suddenly changed to oh, there's "potential legislation" coming down the pipe. Which the actual spokesman says was "in error."

The legislation in question is the Ontario Healthy Choices Act, which will basically ensure proper caloric content labelling on food. Nothing at all to do with portion size.

Here's my thing - it's so beyond obvious here that they just want to make more money because people aren't coming to the theatre as much. Which has less to do with what's playing and more to do with how much it ALREADY costs to go see a movie. Around and around.

That is all.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Things that happened today

  • Had a good hair day
  • Made it through another shower with my nails intact
  • Didn't need my jacket even after 9pm
  • Was thwarted, along with the rest of the world, in my attempt to buy Gally tickets for February
  • Had a relatively healthy lunch, which then disagreed with me
  • Saw Avengers: Age of Ultron with friends
  • Was rewarded for spending yesterday cleaning up my filing
  • Discovered that, once I fix my tax return, I'll still be getting money back - 30% less but still OK
  • Found out my next course is going to end two weeks earlier than previously scheduled BUT will require TWO SATURDAY MORNING CLASSES to do it

A couple of hiccups, but still a good day.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I miss a man I've never met.

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Yesterday, the world lost someone amazing. Someone I'd never met, and yet I feel his absence sharply. Someone who many say helped shape their minds and dreams, someone who showed us that every day was a blessing and every person was unique. I speak, of course, about Leonard Nimoy.

I can only tell you what he meant to me personally. Like many, my first memories of him were as Spock - born of two worlds, not fully fitting into either, and yet he had true friends who accepted him, showing us that there was hope for even the loneliest among us. Without even realizing it, I'd found something to aspire to - do your best, never mind the haters, learn all you can, be there for each other.

I remember reruns of Mission: Impossible, with Paris as the master of disguise. It's possible that's why I change my mind about myself every few days, but that's neither here nor there.

Every week on In Search Of he showed us new mysteries to discover. I've never lost that joy of illumination, tracking down answers to unsolved situations. Show me a Bermuda Triangle or Stonehenge or Tunguska movie and I'm there to the end.

He was charming and smooth in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and in Baffled! he was, well, baffling as a psychic race car driver. He was the missing best friend on Fringe. And he popped up on so many shows I couldn't hope to name them all without IMDB. Don't get me started on his music...

He was a director, he was a photographer, he was a feminist, he was a legend. He touched so many lives, and now he's gone. But maybe we'll all see him again. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe if we all wish really hard - after all, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.