Sunday, July 26, 2015

iPhoto/Flickr shenanigans

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Today has been a long, beautiful Sunday afternoon. Took The Boy for brunch for his birthday, went to the beach (where the water was WAY too cold), visited The Boy's family, swam in the pool (which was perfect, I'm so spoiled), went for dinner. Then I thought I'd do a bit of blog maintenance - I've now added a 'related posts' widget thingie, do you like it?

Anyway, in the process of testing it out, I came across a post with a missing image. And it's not an image I linked to on someone else's blog, it's one I took with my own camera and host on my own Flickr Pro site. And when I went to check it out, sure enough, it was gone. GONE. Like, not there anymore. On this page I pay money for.

So I do a little web searching and find iPhoto is responsible. Because I linked iPhoto to Flickr for the purposes of being able to upload photos there directly, iPhoto somehow thought that meant I wanted it to MANAGE my Flickr account. Not so! Nowhere do I see where it says 'iPhoto will now manage your Flickr account, never touch anything again or you will regret it.' Apparently if I move or delete a photo from iPhoto it will remove it from Flickr.

Here's the thing though. I haven't removed that particular photo, it's still there in my iPhoto. It's just gone from Flickr. I don't know how or when this happened. I also have no way of knowing what other photos it's decided to remove from Flickr.

So I've removed Flickr from my iPhoto 'accounts' to keep more of these shenanigans from happening, but what the hell?

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