Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cottage day five: The Cottagening

Today The Boy left to go back South (TFC was calling) so T and I went into Sudbury to get groceries. And didn't come back for 6-1/2 hours. That's what it is to go for proper groceries and lunch up here - either you get meagre overpriced pickings in town (perfectly understandable of course) or you drive out to get proper groceries, too many DVDs, cottage supplies, boating supplies, lunch and cheezies. We chose the latter.

It's absolutely gorgeous right now - the bugs are at bay, there's hardly a breeze, it's calm and sunny. This is the first evening we've been able to sit on the deck for more than a few minutes since we got up here actually. Mocha even came out, not that she's wandering much, just sitting on the steps waiting for her nemesis (one of the local chipmunks) to make an appearance.

Water level's still nice and high. If the weather's nice later this week we might go for a trip to Little Current, we haven't done that for a few years.

Can I tell you something? I bought a bikini last week. Yep. Do I have a 'beach body'? Hell no. In fact I will likely never wear it to the beach and maybe not even to my condo's pool. But I brought it up here anyway, thinking I might sunbathe in it if we get some really nice days. But I sent it home with The Boy - I still have my regular bathing suit here, just in case, although I doubt I will swim here this trip. I think the water's going to be too cold, I'm terribly spoiled by our pool.

Gonna break out the LawnGuyLands pretty soon, then figure out which of the horde of DVDs we just bought to watch.

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