Sunday, August 02, 2015

Gloomy cottage afternoons

T and The Boy and I came up to the cottage on Friday night, driving through absolutely terrible traffic until past Barrie and rain just ahead of us most of the way, making our usual stop in Parry Sound (this time we needed lemon for our LawnGuyLand Iced Tea), finally docking at the cottage about an hour later than we'd originally planned - but the water! The water was so high we could almost walk from the floating dock to the upper dock! So nice to see, I've been coming up here since 2001 and I've never seen it this high - T says it's been about 30 years. Big difference from a couple of years ago when we broke not one but TWO propellers on the boat within three days.

We spent yesterday lounging around the cottage, mostly inside - the temperature wasn't bad, but it was so windy it was pretty much useless trying to do anything out there. That's OK though, that just meant a lack of deerflies and mosquitos. We started our drinking light, gotta ease into these things. Mocha seems very happy, hanging out and investigating.

We had a pretty hard storm around noonish today, pouring rain and some mighty thunderclaps, but then it all passed on. It's been pretty overcast since then. T and I took advantage of the calm to go into town to get a few things we'd forgotten (who forgets butter?) - and Killarney Mountain Lodge has really put in a lot of work! The lodge and the station have all new docks and new bright red deck chairs all the way along, really nice to see. I recommend dinner here, by the way, it's fancy :)

We just came back and docked about a half hour ago, and the water level's even higher - I quite literally walked from the one dock to the other with no effort - meaning it's about 2 feet higher than I'm used to seeing it. Nice!

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