Sunday, May 28, 2006

Entering the Arena of the Unwell...

Wow, I've been so busy - so much overtime lately I just haven't been able to get away. I've missed I think two stitch & bitches over the past month, I really have to try to make this week's. I was so busy at work too, overtime again, and when I'm done at work I'm just too tired to do anything else. But this week I bought a copy of Little Britain Series Two and Titus Seasons 1&2 - I haven't opened up Little Britain yet, I'm gonna treat myself, but I did open Titus - and I've watched the whole thing already, four nights. Wow, I forgot how good that show was. I definitely need to buy the third season! Dysfunction, anyone?

Oh, and we booked our flights! I'm staying a few extra days for sure now, so I'm going up to Yorkshire to stay after London. I'm so excited!

Anyway, with the weekend ahead of me and no real plans, I decided that I would ignore the FANTASTIC weather and stay in on Saturday and do some cleaning and FIVE loads of laundry, wow! Didn't leave the house. Today though I got out, S came in and we went to Jersey Giant for lunch (mmm, baby spinach salad...) and for a nice walk around the neighbourhood, and I watered all my plants and moved most of them outside.

I'm a bit worried though, my throat's been a bit sore since Thursday...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Will that be Kitchener or London?

I love visiting Kitchener. I love my friends in Kitchener. I have a rather large number of friends there, and only two of them are people I knew when I went to school there. I got to have a nice dinner, a fondue get-together, an hour or so chatting with an ex, walked around Guelph shops, a drunken game of Carcassone (mmm, chocolate martinis), pierogies and chinese food and pancakes, oh my - oh, and, of course, LOTS of cuddles with my favourite little man! He's just so cute, but still tiny, less than 15 lbs still, but he's in good health, he just won't stop BOUNCING! The weather's been nasty though, really cold, eeew.

Oh, but wait, there's more.

Earlier this week, I decided that I've had enough of being so wembley about it and decided that I was DEFINITELY going to the UK, DEFINITELY this summer. It quickly turned into solid plans for Jenn and myself - we know when we're going, and Jenn knows when she's coming back, I'm just trying to decide if I'm coming back with her or staying for a few days more. Yep, we're gonna do it! Brighton, then Swansea, then London, then I may go up to Yorkshire or I may just come home with Jenn. Woo hoo!

I also missed out on seeing Kinky Boots this week, I ran a bit late and missed meeting some folks - but that's okay, I went to Winners instead and treated myself to brand new polka-dotted knickers, yay! And speaking of Winners, did you know they now sell 'personal massage units'? That's right. At Winners. Um.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I went to my folks' place for Mother's Day! Got my Mum a nice new spring jacket, bright green with navy accents - and it's like a puzzle, all kinds of pockets and things that zip off and velcro on and button in, she's happy *grin*

I got a DVD of music videos from Sub-Pop records this week, Acquired Taste - it's got stuff like Postal Service and Iron & Wine and Sleater-Kinney on it, nice for background I think. Maybe I'll run it when I finally have my deck party, whenever that's gonna happen.

Dad also gave me the Stewie Griffin DVD, which was fun - it's got an uncensored version! And that's just not enough, no, I got the Bourne Supremacy too. But it didn't cost much so that's okay.

My home visit was nice actually, we didn't do too much - I didn't call anyone while I was home though, I probably should have but I was enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Six, sleven, eight, rutabega, ten.

Yeah, I know, I haven't put up my camera safari pix yet. In the meantime, here's something S took of me that day...

So anyway, Sunday night I had to work a client event, which was good actually, really well received cocktail party (and btw, if you're wondering what area of practice all the hot male lawyers gravitate towards, apparently it's Trade-Mark Law). Anyway, I didn't actually get home until around quarter to 12, so Monday I was a bit of a wreck. Still recovering really.

Lastnight T and I went to see Lucky Number Slevin. Okay, that is just the stupidest name for a movie ever. But that said, the movie was quite cool. Morgan Freeman is always a reason to watch a movie. Bruce Willis is interesting, Josh Hartnett is great and so much fun (btw, Ataraxia is now my favourite fake medical condition). Lucy Liu was effervescent. Ben Kingsley's accent is a bit muddled, but that's okay 'cos he's cool. Basic plot - Slevin is visiting a missing friend and is mistaken for him by two warring kingpins, and also romances the cute neighbour. Full of twists, some are predictable while some come from left field. Great dialogue. Morgan Freeman is the coolest man on the planet. *ahem*

And in other news, I managed to go to the gym again today - before work, can you believe it? I've never done that before. I suck at getting up early. So today was really a day of firsts, because I also saw a pigeon preening another pigeon, which was just so cute. Usually they're either jumping on each other or running away from each other, this was just bizarre to see and somewhat uplifting.

Tonight is the weekly stitch & bitch, and I feel confident that I'll make it again this week, I don't think anything's gonna keep me here too late. Working on that purple & blue shrug again - the fisherman's scarf is on hold until things calm down enough for my brain to be able to handle it again.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend festivities

This has been a pretty good weekend so far - Saturday morning I went to the Clothing Show with a couple of friends. This used to be known as the Old Clothing Show & Sale and New Clothing Annex - but there's so much new now that they had to change it. I liked it better when everything was antique, it was a real event and I would dress for the occasion, as did many others. But now it's so much new stuff, which is all designed for eeny weeny squeeny little people, that I end up not getting as much, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, I got a new pair of old shoes, a funky new hat and some little phone dangly things. Afterwards one of my friends came over and we wandered the Distillery and went to Balzac's for coffee, which was nice and I think I have to keep doing that.

Later another friend came in and we went to Jersey Giant for dinner, mmm, and then the rest of the evening consisted of drunken viewing of Withnail & I and Curse Of The Wererabbit.

I have seen Withnail & I an inordinate number of times, but had never watched it with alcohol in my system, which just seemed blasphemous, so my friend and I got tipsy and watched it. I had told him it was funny so he agreed to watch it first. Funny thing though, it seemed more funny to me sober. That's wrong, surely?

Curse Of The Wererabbit was just hilarious. Of course I was quite smashed by that time, teeth spongey and all, but I think it was probably just as funny sober. So many double entendres, and the bunnies were so cute! Aw, bless 'em...

Today we went back to the Distillery and Balzac's again, and did a bit of a photo safari - pix may be coming...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Celeb spotting, Toronto-style

Living in Toronto you tend to see famous or quasi-famous people all the time. Even at my office I see famous-ish people, since we have an entertainment practice. And living downtown, in prime filming central, it's a wonder I don't trip over them all.

Today's sighting: Rick Green, not five minutes from my house! Seemed to be a very friendly person, he was talking with a couple of people on a corner.

What do you mean, you don't know who that is? Remember The Frantics? Their show, 4 On The Floor? Rick, Peter Wildman, Dan Redican and Paul Chato cracked everyone up when they were on the air, wow, was it 20 years ago? Tai Quan Leap, Mr Canoehead and a Piece of Pie? Nevermind.

Okay, how about Prisoners of Gravity, great comics/sci fi show Space used to play? No?

What about History Bites? Great show, still on the air, would have been great to have it back in grade school, I would have remembered my history lessons a lot better. Hmm, no?

Alright, The Red Green Show! You've all seen that - remember Adventures With Bill? That's him!

I actually worked with Paul Chato's wife for a month when I first started desktop publishing straight out of school, that's the closest I've ever come to any of the Frantics *grin*

Monday, May 01, 2006


Good lord, it's May. This year is really moving fast - by this time I had wanted to have so many things in my life in order, and it seems like nothing has been done.

Well, if I think about it hard enough, I have done a number of things in the past few months: replaced the confuser; took part in the knitting olympics; went to the south Caribbean; drove a scooter; did my taxes; started eating a bit better; started doing the newsletter again; made sure my godson didn't forget who I am; met a Bowlie I hadn't yet clapped eyes on; went on a few more camera safaris around the neighbourhood. I even started back to the gym, which is going well thank you.

Hm. I guess it's not that bad.


I finished The DaVinci Code. I finished it really fast actually. It was a great read - somewhat lacking in character development though, but the story was engaging and moved at a really quick pace. I think I might be the last person on the planet to have read it though *grin*