Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another absence

Right. So I went up to my friend's cottage in Killarney for five days, it was just wonderful - got back on Tuesday afternoon and I was getting ready to post all about it, when I got a call from my Mum.

My uncle Ronnie passed away on Monday.

I'm okay now I think, but at first I was in shock, and on Thursday I went to the viewing with my Mum and it all hit me. I couldn't stop crying - well, I'd almost stop, and then I'd start again, I was just a wreck. I didn't really know his family, so I met them all then (Mum's family is all in New Brunswick, so this was Lil and her kids and grandkids) and they were all really messed up over it, not surprisingly. He was just the best guy ever, everyone loved him so much. The funeral service was on Friday but I just couldn't do it - my brother Danny and his girlfriend met Mum for that. My eyes were still sore that day.

After the funeral they flew him back to New Brunswick, they're having a viewing today and the actual funeral tomorrow I think, he's going to be interned beside his father.

Ronnie is the baby of the family - he was not yet 55. He had a massive heart attack, but he was home alone when it happened. He and Lil were moving into a new place, and he had moved in first - she was at her son's place - so no one was there but him, and when they couldn't get a hold of him, they ended up calling the police to get in. The coroner said he went fast though, so there wouldn't have been much pain, and that's a blessing. He'd been taking good care of himself lately too, going for long walks every day and eating better, not drinking as much either, and he'd lost 35 pounds this year as a result. I'm so proud of him for all that.

Ronnie took me to see Tron for my birthday when it was out. Ronnie came to see me when I had tonsilitis. Ronnie danced and sang and caroused and called me My Love. Ronnie's favourite song was Only The Lonely. Ronnie gave my brothers Beatles 45s when they were little and probably caused them to become musicians. I hadn't seen him in probably three years, but it doesn't matter, it's like yesterday and I'll miss him terribly.

Ronnie LeBlanc 1951-2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

August already!

I can't believe it - it's already August! The heat the past couple of weeks has been terrible - worse yet is the summer cold I'm fighting off, which has left me with a sore throat, so I can't use the a/c in my room or it gets too dry, gah! At least today the heat has broken *phew*

This year's deck party has come and gone, and it was really nice - less people this year though, I think because the forecasters were calling for thunderstorms (we got a five minute sprinkle and a ten minute light shower all day, no problem!) but that was okay, I got to visit with everyone and sit and enjoy the day. Folks sat on the roof, drinks were had, food was nibbled, all good.

Tin BangsSo this week has been crazy. I'm going to T's cottage tomorrow, so I've had to make sure all kinds of stuff was done in advance of my going, which has made for a hectic schedule! But I got to relax - lastnight I went with A and C to see The Editors at the Opera House!

The openers were a local band, Tin Bangs. They weren't terrible, they weren't even bad, but they didn't do much for me. They fell into the 'if I play it louder it'll sound better' trap. Really, they just reminded me of my brothers playing really loudly in the basement before they knew what they were doing.

Lake TroutSecond opening band - Lake Trout. These guys were actually quite good, and I'd buy a cd. The one guitarist totally had what we like to call the 'Shawn Shimmy' (if you knew, you'd know). Much better than the first band.

The EditorsAnd the main event - The Editors. Man, what an excellent show. Great energy, great sound, the singer seems to have Joe Cocker trapped in his body (he thrashed around a LOT), played all the great tunes. It was SO HOT lastnight, but I couldn't stop myself from dancing all over to them! I'm so glad I got talked into this show!

And then on to Tavern night tonight, which oddly turned into an 80s songfest *grin* My visit to Sonic Boom was relatively short too, since I've been a bit poor lately, so I came away with Japan (Souvenir From Japan), Florent Pagny (Bienvenue Chez Moi) and Sondre Lerche (...and the Faces Down Quartet: Duper Sessions), small haul but quality!