Thursday, February 01, 2007

Camera Obscura with Essex Green, Opera House

What a great show! I was so worried I wouldn't get to go - for some reason I thought tickets would be available for quite some time, so when it sold out so fast I was screwed! But Gav came through and put me on the guest list with a +1 so I could take L with me too.

I love the Opera House. The acoustics are great, and there's a balcony with padded seats that gives you a perfect view of the stage, and it's easy to get to as well. I've never been in the washrooms there before, so I can't comment on them (and I've heard people complain about them).

The opening band was Essex Green from Brooklyn, and they were a lot of fun. They started about 15 minutes before scheduled, I think so they could play a little more. Really I think I should have bought a CD or two from them, they were quite something. Oh, and the singer totally had a Christopher Eccleston in Heroes thing going on - well, other than the fact that he wasn't invisible of course *grin* I'd see them again for sure.

Camera Obscura came on quite soon after, and played for a little over an hour, and didn't disappoint! There was a young'un on the stage though that I didn't recognize, I think he must be subbing in for Nigel, I wonder where he was? That's okay though, he was easy on the eye and played well. (Oh, I just looked into it, and Nigel's a new daddy so he's home with the baby, that's a pretty good excuse!)

I was right in front of Kenny and Gav, which gave me a pretty good view of the whole stage except for Lee, that was a bit obstructed but not totally so that was good. They played a pretty good mix too, almost the whole new album and lots of their second, not much off their first though - oh, which I finally picked up at the show, my LP collection is complete, bwa haha!

Oh, and I just noticed that they're playing in Los Angeles when I'm there! I can't see them that day though, it's the one day that's totally booked up, oh well!