Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keeping up (with the Joneses)

Okay, so I’m going to try to keep this up a bit better. That means not leaving things in Draft purgatory for so long. I think I’ll try to post directly and then update as needed, rather than making drafts and then finalizing them.

So what’s happened in my life since last week? Well, had a few friends in visiting last week so we all went for dinner, that was nice. Saw a bit of the filming going on downtown for the new Hulk movie. Shook hands with Brian Mulroney last week at a corporate event. Went to a Stag & Doe in Welland and chatted with nice people. Bought a DVD (The Lost Room). Stressed over what to wear to a wedding that’s in two weeks’ time. Tidied only the tiniest little bit.

So not much really.

I’ve been feeling okay lately too. I mean, I’m out of shape and all, but in a pretty good mood most of the time. Which is nice.

Oh, and last week there were no-apparent-reason fireworks at The Docks, which can be viewed quite easily from my place, so I took pictures and they turned out quite nicely (see my Flickr page).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

*sigh* I'm back

Okay guys, I'm back. I've been gone, yes, I admit it. Well, when I say gone, I mean I've been right here all this time, but too lazy to update my blog. I have a number of posts in limbo, and I should really rescue them, but this is just a little flare to let you know I'm still around!

What's happened over the past few months? Well, lessee. Had my deck party, which was excellent. Had a number of visitors. Booked my January vacation (Mexico, yay!). Worked like a fiend. Stopped going to the gym (just too damned busy). Got to the cottage. Finished my first pair of socks. Had a photo chosen for Schmap (see the widget on the bottom right - check out BCE place). Spent too much money. You know.

So anyway, just a quick check-in.