Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pointy things fly...

Lastnight Cellar Rats played Rugby Mad - and we were pretty short handed, we had to forfeit one of our 4-handed cricket games and one of our doubles 501 games, in the end we only had six team members, but it was a lot of fun, I'm getting better and better, my aim is improving - and I even remembered to pay for my salad, woo hoo! I even got home before midnight!

Tonight S came in for a visit, which was really nice - but I actually did a bit of Xmas shopping first and got a few things, yay! *phew* I think I'll do a bit more on my lunch tomorrow...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Marketing lunch happiness

We had our Marketing Department holiday lunch today. We had tried to go out after work last Friday, but it didn't work out so today we went to Wayne Gretzky's for lunch - the food was great, but service wasn't so much. I suppose it's generally understandable this time of year, but there was hardly any customers, so that excuse doesn't really fly! Oh, and the water tasted... weird, overprocessed.

Anyway, we all made out like bandits - SS gave me a really sweet set of candy-striped mugs, I hope I can find space for them 'cos I love them!

Then I thought, okay, triple-bill night will be off again this week, I'll do more shopping! What did I get? Underwear. For me. *sigh* I suck.

One week to go, and no end in sight

Xmas is almost upon us. Am I done my shopping? Nope. I've been looking, sure, but I've been really uninspired this year. Gah.

So Friday night I thought I'd go out to Scarborough and get some shopping done. Went all the way out there, didn't buy a thing. What's wrong with me? I mean, I could have just picked up some stuff, but I was waiting for that inspiration to hit. Which it didn't. Damn.

Okay, so the annual party at the Brown's was postponed (for good reason, I hope their Mum's okay! Many hugs there...) so L and I went to his brother's place instead for cheese and drinks, all was nice, we were regaled with the tale of how S was charged with shoplifting (btw, everyone should boycott the No Frills in Markham, they're obviously lunatics, I mean who shoplifts cough drops after spending $130 on groceries?), had nice conversation and I met some family friends, and then we spent a nice evening together. Back to S&D's house on Sunday afternoon for lunch, they gave me a nice gift card that I'll definitely make use of in January, and I met L's baby sister (she's really cute, I remember being nineteen...) and then basically lounged around in front of the fireplace all evening. Really a great weekend. Ideally, I should have done more shopping, but I knew I wouldn't get anything, so what was the point?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Global warming weather?

What a week! Triple Bill night was off Monday, since Dr Who and Heroes are both on hiatus, so I bought a wee Xmas tree - I love it! And after having people ask me for weeks what I want for Xmas/Birthday, I've added a couple of wish lists (see the bar at the right) - check it out, you know, in case you wanted to show me how much you love me *grin*. Cellar Rats played the Bar Tools - again, we got trounced, but I'm getting better for sure. Didn't get home until quite late though, so tired! Lastnight a bunch of us went to see The Holiday - okay, it's a chick flick, but it wasn't bad. Not fabulous, of course, but not bad, enjoyable. And tonight I must make a dent in all that Xmas shopping I haven't got to yet, gah! Wish me luck!

The pathetic amount of snow we've had this yearOh, and we're back to balmy weather. December 4 was the only snow we've had here in Toronto that's stuck all season, and it disappeared a day later - lucky I had my camera, or you would have missed it! It was up to 10 degrees celsius today. This is insane - how can they say Global Warming is a theory when it's like this???

Monday, December 11, 2006

HTAD, and others

Oh man, what a week!

Thursday was our firm holiday party - and damn, I looked good! Seriously, I did! Blue crushed velvet dress with plenty of flounce to the skirt and a fair bit of cleavage *grin* - and then I went to Tavern afterwards and shocked everyone by being better dressed than them all! I even got stares from strangers at a booth - but I'm pretty sure that was the cleavage *grin* - a couple of friends were out who I hadn't seen in a while too, really nice to see them. But I have to say, that was a freakin' cold night! I know that's what I should be expecting at this time of year, but really it's just way too cold when we've had such warm days, we're not ready for it!

Friday I made it a half-day and left work at 1 - L and I drove up to KW for Antheras' birthday dinner, which was really nice, so good to see everyone again! It'd been way too long. Got lots of cuddles in with Mr Pants of course.

S decided Saturday would be a Hot Tub Appreciation Day, so five of us lazed in the hot steamy water with ice all around us and drinks in our hands while S stood on the deck and hosted *grin* and then we all went in, dried off, drank more and watched movies - Over The Hedge (which was actually fun, The Shatner stole it too) and the new Omen (I hadn't seen the old one yet - I know, I know - so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was good I suppose).

And then on Sunday we went to Oscar's. Oh, and I bought new winter boots. And a new blouse and necklace and winter coat and socks. Ahem. L and I had to leave relatively early though, I was supposed to be taking Antheras to see Ron James but she was sick so L came with me instead - funny guy, good show!

rescued from Draft purgatory

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I have sharp objects, watch yourself...

Queen Street Dart League logoHey, I joined a Darts league! Yep, I'm the newest member of the Cellar Rats! We played against Armed & Hammered lastnight, and they clobbered us of course. But that's okay, I had a great time! They're a great group, I feel like I've really fit in with them already. And I improved vastly over the course of the evening, so that's all good *grin*

And then... my Stitch & Bitch! Yep, I finally made it out again! And there were 27 of us, it's nuts! I'm going to quickly make a garland - it's really ugly as a scarf, but as a garland it'll totally work! It was good to see them all again...

rescued from Draft purgatory

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sloan and Bond

Sloan promoSloan! Yep, saw Sloan at the Koolhaus, they were making up for missing the show in October. Pretty good overall, but uneven really. The new album is actually pretty uneven, but the performance was at times amazing and at other times 'called in'. The mics weren't balanced very well either, which was annoying, and my back was totally killing me on Friday from standing on the concrete. But they played my favourite (Money City Maniacs) so it was all good.

Casino RoyalePretty good weekend though! Friday we went to see Casino Royale - BEST BOND FLICK EVER! Daniel Craig looks like he kills people for a living, he's grittier than the previous Bonds. No invisible cars, no laser beams from space, no big dudes with dubious dental implants - just a slick guy who has a defibrillator in his car. Way cool. The freerunning sequence at the beginning was excellent - but presented me with the only thing in the whole movie that was absolutely unbelievable: he wasn't out of breath at ALL at the end of it! *grin*

J*&P&A managed to make it in on Saturday, so we spent the day wandering around the Eaton Centre and thereabouts, eating at The Pickle Barrel and then walking around - we went to Old City Hall so I could show them the light show... which didn't happen, there was a band! But just as we gave up and started walking away... fireworks! Yep, fireworks right there in Nathan Philips Square! I haven't put my pix up yet but they're coming! After that L and I were off to the Black Swan on the Danforth to watch our friend's band The Raging Butanes - rockin' blues, mmm!

And then another lazy Sunday watching videos and napping and such, aaaah...

rescued from Draft purgatory