Monday, December 18, 2006

One week to go, and no end in sight

Xmas is almost upon us. Am I done my shopping? Nope. I've been looking, sure, but I've been really uninspired this year. Gah.

So Friday night I thought I'd go out to Scarborough and get some shopping done. Went all the way out there, didn't buy a thing. What's wrong with me? I mean, I could have just picked up some stuff, but I was waiting for that inspiration to hit. Which it didn't. Damn.

Okay, so the annual party at the Brown's was postponed (for good reason, I hope their Mum's okay! Many hugs there...) so L and I went to his brother's place instead for cheese and drinks, all was nice, we were regaled with the tale of how S was charged with shoplifting (btw, everyone should boycott the No Frills in Markham, they're obviously lunatics, I mean who shoplifts cough drops after spending $130 on groceries?), had nice conversation and I met some family friends, and then we spent a nice evening together. Back to S&D's house on Sunday afternoon for lunch, they gave me a nice gift card that I'll definitely make use of in January, and I met L's baby sister (she's really cute, I remember being nineteen...) and then basically lounged around in front of the fireplace all evening. Really a great weekend. Ideally, I should have done more shopping, but I knew I wouldn't get anything, so what was the point?

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