Sunday, April 22, 2007

A bit of a surprise!

Sorry, a couple of weeks have gone by, haven’t they?

Last Friday I went to see The Lookout with T and Xog & L, quite out of the blue. I must say, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has really been making excellent choices - this was awfully cool, I highly recommend it.

The next day I went to Bay-Bloor Radio for my Turntable Clinic appointment - this, btw, is very cool! Not only do they clean it for you, inside and out, but they also check the needle and outputs (ignore that they used Air Supply to test it, I’m trying to put that out of my mind) and rebalance the arm, and teach you how to do it while you’re there! Plus, you get to be behind the counter and look all impressive *grin* Later we went to Markham and I bought Mirrormask on DVD. Ah, Neil Gaiman, you’re my hero. We capped off the weekend watching Layer Cake on DVD, which was awfully cool - this must be the one flick they watched when deciding who would be the new Bond...

This week flew by, as it’s been insanely busy with one event or another at work, so it was Thursday before I knew it - L came in and we went for a nice little walk and ate at Mr Greenjeans - I was happy about that, actually, as I hadn’t been there in forever - and then walked home. It wasn’t until 5:30 in the morning that I realized something was wrong, my digestive system didn’t want to touch the food (indeed, it was all still sitting there like a rock in my stomach) and had decided everything needed to go. I thought I was okay to go to work though, so off I went - and by 10 I was in a clinic getting a shot of Gravol so I could hold down water. Yep, minor food poisoning. Won’t be going there again. Which meant I missed having dinner/drinks with friends on Friday.

Anyway, yesterday L brought me back up to Markham again and we had some friends over for the afternoon - I was a lot better by then, just a bit weak - and spent the weekend relaxing. And today we came back downtown, went for a nice long walk and went to see Hot Fuzz. Did you like Shaun Of The Dead? Then you’d like this! Hilarious! I may see it again!

I’m still feeling a bit weak and shakey, but I’m pretty good otherwise. Back to the grind tomorrow!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Houston, we have fry...

So Tuesday night last week I came home to find one of my guppies in a corner having fry! I saw her have three little baby fish right then! Not sure how many she might have had before I got there though, as they may have been gobbled up. I had been thinking about whether I wanted to get a little breeding box for them, but I've been told that it's all you can do to keep them from having little fish, and I don't want a tank that's all fish and no water, so I figured I'd let them make their own way. So cute!

Oh, and I saw Bedazzled (1967) and Twin Peaks Season 2 on sale so had to buy the dvds, of course. Oh, and a couple of cute tops at Winners. I'm on a rampage.

Tavern was good, Easter at my parents' place was good, and tonight was the first round of the Queen Street Darts League tournament. We lost. However, I personally did quite well and I'm proud of myself!

Monday, April 02, 2007

New Who!

Still running around everywhere, getting to the gym (but I'm thinking I need new runners) and having fun with my fish. Of course, one of my guppies got his head stuck in the filter on Friday night and had to be rescued, but he didn't make it, poor fella.

So on Saturday I bought more fish - bunch more guppies and some cherry barbs, they're interesting. The kuhli loach still glares at me.

Anyway, Saturday night my neighbours were having a party so I bought some new liqueur to bring - a chai cream liqueur, so yummy! We stayed a bit longer than I'd planned but we were only 3 doors away so that's not so bad *grin*

Then yesterday some of us congregated at a friend's house to watch the new Doctor Who season opener - which was so so so cool! Very well done, the Judoon were great, and Martha has some dimension to her - things look good for the new season!

Rescued from Draft purgatory