Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Houston, we have fry...

So Tuesday night last week I came home to find one of my guppies in a corner having fry! I saw her have three little baby fish right then! Not sure how many she might have had before I got there though, as they may have been gobbled up. I had been thinking about whether I wanted to get a little breeding box for them, but I've been told that it's all you can do to keep them from having little fish, and I don't want a tank that's all fish and no water, so I figured I'd let them make their own way. So cute!

Oh, and I saw Bedazzled (1967) and Twin Peaks Season 2 on sale so had to buy the dvds, of course. Oh, and a couple of cute tops at Winners. I'm on a rampage.

Tavern was good, Easter at my parents' place was good, and tonight was the first round of the Queen Street Darts League tournament. We lost. However, I personally did quite well and I'm proud of myself!

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