Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A nice week

Well, I haven’t seen any fry since that first time, I think the fish are too traumatized to have any more! So what’s been going on?

Well, now that Darts is done my Tuesdays are free-ish so I’m catching up on my House-watching. Hugh Laurie rocks. Ahem. But I haven’t seen him lately. Why? Last Tuesday I got together with some of the girls from my Darts team and had some drinks on the Danforth, which was really nice, if a bit chilly - Summer’s not here yet, but soon!

Last weekend I went up to Kitchener and met some of the girls for dessert at a swank restaurant, very nice, to celebrate some birthdays. J* really liked what I brought her too! FYI, Inglot makes some really nice makeup, a bit pricey but worth it! L came up on Saturday to join us, as he had been at the Toronto FC game at BMO Field (they lost, didn’t even score, but they’re awfully new so there’s time yet) and we went for dinner with some other friends, and Sunday we all went to Oscar’s before having a nice walk in the park with my godson (cutest little boy ever).

Yesterday I went for lunch with L and his old coworker, which was really nice - I’d only met her once, at his housewarming, but she remembers me and was really sweet, aaw...

Oh, and I saw Hot Fuzz again tonight with T and Xog, couldn’t help myself! Still funny, so there.

rescued from Draft purgatory

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