Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm back and I'm tan! Well, slighly more beige...

That's right, I'm back! The week before the trip I was way too busy to even glance at my blog, let alone update it, and while I was gone I wasn't going to jump on here *grin* so here I am!

Saturday January 19th: Woke up at stupid o'clock (around 3AM I think?) so L's father could drive us to the airport. Glad we did too, not too bad when we got there but the whole city came in after us! The flight was okay, Rush Hour 3 was the flick (didn't bother with that to be honest) so we all tried to get some sleep. Well, tried - a couple of people on the flight were FAR TOO EXCITED about the trip. No sleep for me. Bus ride from the airport to the hotel took about 45 minutes longer than it should have as they had to stop and buy more cheap Corona to get the stupid people who were going to an all-inclusive place to buy from them at a crazy markup. I got a bit of sleep on the way.

more to come...

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