Saturday, January 12, 2008

This week

oh noes!...has been an interesting one. Work-wise it's been relatively quiet, and good thing too - IT finally came through with their promise from two years ago to get me a new computer. See, I got that damned Aurora/Nail virus (may its creator rot in pestilential hell) and, as you no doubt know, it can't be removed - you've gotta wipe your entire hard drive and reinstall windows (I'd like to point out that at home I'm on a Mac - an iMac Intel Core Duo to be precise, named Metatron - and I love it dearly).

So because of the virus they couldn't simply mirror my computer, they had to reinstall everything. Of course they missed stuff, and we've spent this entire week trying to figure out what. And also, since it was a fresh install and not a transfer of data, all of my preferences are still on the old computer, as is my work iTunes library, gah!

SNL Season 2Dead Like Me Season 2Anyway, I'm glad it was quiet.

New DVDs for 2007! L got me SNL Season 2 and Dead Like Me Season 2 for my birthday, how sweet! I haven't started watching them yet though, not seriously - I dipped into SNL - as I got so many DVDs for Xmas! I'll list those soon.

Juno movie posterOh, and on top of that, we went to see Juno on Thursday night - which was just amazing, I adored it. Can't recommend it enough. Ellen Page is fantastic.

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