Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well, it's been a little more than two weeks since I last posted. I think I'm doing well. On my to-do list from my finance guy:
  • I've added extra to my RRSPs (although for some reason I'm going to get less back on my tax return - must be to do with the lower PST, maybe I should have payroll deduct more from me?)
  • I've got my line of credit up and running
  • I've paid off my M/C via my LoC
  • I've set up an automatic payment schedule for the LoC
  • I've been updating my excel file of my outgoing cash (which I've been doing without changing my spending habits so far, so it'll be an accurate reflection of my lack of self-control)
  • Started a change jar (well, it's really a miniature recycling bin from Solutions *grin*)
Haven't switched from Sympatico to Rogers, and haven't cancelled my home phone, but that's a pretty good start, isn't it?

Anyway, I feel like I've accomplished a lot, and it makes me feel like I should do more. So I also decided to expand a bit artistically (well, as far as that goes anyway) so I've joined both Photogamer and 365 Days on Flickr, and though I've missed a few days here and there, I've been doing well, and it makes me happy. Let's see how I do...

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