Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whither Bowlie?

Bowlie is gone - DavidK finally pulled the plug on August 25th, after spending ten years of his life making sure it ran like a dream and keeping us all together.

If I’m honest with myself, while I’ve been a member for four years I must admit I’ve been pretty much a lurker for the past eight months or so - but knowing it would be gone forever made me suddenly sad. I spent the last Bowlie day visiting old threads, adding to new ones and joining the massive reinstated Bowlie Chat.

The past two days have been hard, every time I let myself think about it I realize I can’t just pop on and see what’s new with everyone. But really, I can still do that, we’re all still on MSN and Flickr and Facebook and, yes, even in the real world. But I still miss it.

Ah, my far-away friends, when will I ever see you again?

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