Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diamonds and rain and Mars bars, oh my!

The boysWell the weather on the weekend was crap, it rained all weekend! So of course J*&P&A came in and we all (L&T included) went to the ROM to see the diamonds - there was one as big as a baseball (no, it wasn’t The Baseball Diamond, it was just huge) - and then to Flo’s for dinner, yay for malted milkshakes!

Robin and the Xmas screensBut Monday was good, after work I went to meet Mashibinbin for dinner - he was in visiting from across the pond so a couple of us met him at Pauper’s, and then we walked TOO FAR in the ccccold and had a deep fried Mars bar at the Duke of Glocester, mmm...

We had lunch today as well, nice little visit, sad I didn’t get out to visit earlier, aw...

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