Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve, of course.

So Monday morning I woke up to find a ladder with a bucket on it set up just inside my Dad’s doorway, seems the roof started to leak in the night. I’m a jinx!

Anyway, the weather’s been insane, snowing furiously and then melting down and then snowing again, so there’s a lot of water around the house. So of course, the leak in the roof wasn’t enough - tonight we had a leak in the basement! Not just any leak, no - the pipe leading from the sump pump sprung a leak, but it’s behind a wall so Dad couldn’t get at it! The water was about a half inch deep in one spot in the basement!

Mum and I spend about an hour and a half mopping while Dad crawled around trying to redirect the pipe, and then I crawled into the space with him and held down the trigger on the pump while he finished with the piping - it looked like a war zone, complete with trench warfare.

Another half hour or so of that and we finally had it going out the window, not ideal but good enough in a pinch. I ache all over now, and Dad was in there way longer than I was!

Christmas Eve indeed.

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