Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tarot catch-up

Wow, I’ve really sucked about posting lately, but I have been quite busy. Not an excuse really, but that’s what I’ve got. Work has been crazy and I’ve been preparing for having house guests, so I haven’t been doing too much outside of that. But I have bought four more Tarot card decks since my last deck update...

Lo Scarabeo Tarot – This is now my favourite deck. Lo Scarabeo is a company from Italy that makes, guess what, Tarot cards - and for their 20th anniversary they decided to make an anniversary deck that combined Tarot de Marseilles, Thoth and Rider-Waite imagery, so I find it really easy to read. It didn’t come with a book beyond the LWB, but it did come with a gorgeous bag – gold satin-lined, black velvet exterior, with the Lo Scarabeo logo (a scarab, what else) stitched embroidered on. They feel good too. The LWB had an interesting spread in it too – I now notice that all the LWBs from Lo Scarabeo decks have their own specific spread created for them, nice. Paid full price for this one at Seekers on Bloor – a mostly second-hand store that has a pretty good selection of New Age stuff.

Circle of Life Tarot – I thought the art on this one was really pretty, although there’s a few too many fairies in it! It’s nice though, only the LWB for instructions with a really complicated reading method. Also came with a satin bag (yellow lining, sky blue outside, with a yellow sun embroidered outside)... and it’s ROUND! Yep, I wanted a round deck, and this was the nicest one available (Tarot of the Cloisters is no longer in print) so I got it. Not the easiest to read though. Got it from Amazon, so full price-ish but of course with their discount.

Tarot of the Magical Forest – Okay, I wouldn’t normally be one for cutesy woodland animals, but this one was just so amazing I couldn’t help myself! They are based around Rider-Waite imagery, All with giant heads and huge staring eyes that really suck you in, very Taiwanese. Every time I look at them my throat gets sore from going ’aaaw!’ in a really high-pitched voice *grin*. LWB and foldy-box. Amazon purchase.

The Grail Tarot – Not to be confused with the Oracle of the Grail or the Tarot of the Holy Grail. To be honest, this one was an impulse purchase, but it was a good price (about $15) from BMV on Bloor. The religious overtones are pretty heavy, but the cards are really pretty, middle ages graphics. Interestingly, if you lay the major arcana all side-by-side, they look like one long panorama. Came with a book printed in sepia-tone.

I haven’t had much chance lately to practice so I’m getting a bit rusty, but eventually I’ll be able to get back to it. I’m full of plans, I am.

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